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  1. J-Dog


    But surely this isn't worrying as now this has been found, the areas/crew etc that have been picked up will be immaculate for the next voyage!
  2. J-Dog


    None of the ships of any relevance are on the low scores, so nothing to worry about??
  3. I watched the program and thought it was good TV! Ant & Dec are amazing and they ALWAYS make whatever show they do worth watching. I do now think some other operators will try and repeat what they have seen with this cruise. IMO they will fail, unless Ant & Dec are on there that is!
  4. I have only sailed on P&O and RCI ships so can't compare the Freds or Cunard ships. I will say as others have that the food, although not amazing is good on the P&O ships, but, a little repetitive on longer sailings. As for the RCI ships, well in my opinion these blow the P&O ships out the water! Entertainment, food, drinks packages and facilities all seem to be of a much higher and more thought out standard. The best thing I think, echoing earlier posts is do as you are doing and research, research, research. Your personal preference may be completely different to mine or
  5. Agreed! I think this is the best edition so far! Seems to magazine goes from strength to strength! Long may it continue
  6. I am not sure why it worries you, he has now been banned and won't be allowed back on this forum. From what I can see he has continually annoyed other members enough for the Admin team to remove him! Once removed there is no coming back! He may rejoin, but he will still have the same email address/IP address so the Admin team I am certain will remove him again.
  7. How old are you? You don't want SR on this forum but you still can't just drop it! Im pretty sure you can block people on here or at very least the comments that they are putting. If SR has such a vendetta against anyone then he has his own blog and I am pretty certain he will make his feelings quite clear on there.
  8. I totally agree. SR is now banned along with a few other members as far as I can see so, can we now please 'Let it go!"
  9. Sorry but hahahaha! I would NEVER think to take all that stuff with me off ship, but, I would NOT leave it till the last minute to get back to the ship in a foreign country!
  10. Thanks! I hope you guys had a good cruise too? I hope Amber Cove was as stunning for you as it was for us too. We are booked onto the Harmony of the Seas for a mini cruise in May, after that who knows! Will 100% be booking something else I am sure of that
  11. Excellent review! I too received the Monopoly game for my present onboard Azura! Haven't played it yet but as this is only ever going to be a limited gift I thought it was quite special!
  12. The ship didn't leave without me, thank god! Im guessing the photo that you think shows it leaving was the shot of Azura in Amber Cove. Its just the way the ship was docked.
  13. It was amazing & thanks CC, love being back in the wet!!
  14. Thanks everyone. The cruise was amazing and the Caribbean is stunning! Amazing holiday, perfect company
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