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    tigerlilly reacted to sammy sun in Dishonest Underhand Policies Of P&o   
    Many cruise lines operate exactly the same pricing policy as P&O, Cunard for example are one of them as are Princess Cruises and many other lines under the Carnival umbrella.  Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America, you name any cruise line, they all will operate a policy where a price is covered by complete terms and conditions.  All cruise lines will surely reserve the right to reduce pricing closer to the time of a cruise otherwise if it isn't selling, the ships will sail with empty cabins meaning even more problems for the cruise lines.  I don't think its a problem with P&O Cruises, more of an issue with the overall industry these days but you will not find a cruise line that will honour a price change every single time they offer a new onboard credit deal or any other incentive, otherwise they would be inundated with calls and refunding every passenger left right and centre.
    There's a lot of negative comments on the forum of late, such as money scams on board and a lot of criticising of cruise lines - often P&O but they're actually doing things in exactly the same way as many other cruise lines.  I've sailed with many different cruise lines but still enjoy a P&O Cruise.  We all enjoy what we enjoy.  The forum should be more about helping each other with questions, chatting about what we like on board, favourite foods etc, dining rooms, ports but instead of late its been filled with negative topics.  Let's all enjoy cruising rather than criticise it, it's a holiday after all!
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    tigerlilly reacted to sammy sun in Dishonest Underhand Policies Of P&o   
    Hi john, I'm sorry to hear about your current grievances with P&O and I hope you do reach a satisfactory outcome but I'm afraid I do agree with Solent Richard on this.  Your saying that the cruise line hasn't been honest but they have.  I've encountered a similar thing before and like many on this thread have stated, you often have to grit your teeth and get on with it.  The fact is that when you book a select price cruise, if the price changes under that offer then yes they're required to do something, much like the old vantage as someone mentioned earlier but in this case the price hasn't changed, it actually went up as you mentioned. Its only the obc that has changed ans as richard pointed out this is an incentive, which can be changed and altered at any point.  While to you this changes the overall value package of the holiday, P&O are not actually breaking any terms and conditions they have set.  They haven't been dishonest in terms of that at all.
    My advice, for future, and this is just my opinion, I mean no offence by it, but just book a holiday you like the look of and then just look forward to it.  When I book something, I do it on the basis that I'm happy with the price and the holiday I'm booking, otherwise I wouldn't book it.  Once it's booked, it's booked and unless I'm receiving a notification a few days later telling me it's gone down in price by a substantial amount then I'm happy. 
    The message from all cruise lines is simple now.  If you want to gty your cabin number, dining preferences etc, book early, take the price and whatever benefit their may be and go for it but if you dont and your flexible with dates, then wait for a later offer and you'll probably get the cruise quite a lot cheaper.  It's not something that's new or just sneaking up on people, it's been clear for a while now.  
    As I said before, I really do hope you find a satisfactory outcome for you on this issue but I am not surprised that P&O have come back to you and said they will not do anything on it as technically they've done nothing from what I've been reading but change an incentive which is their freedom to do so.  
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    tigerlilly reacted to ron in Happy Valley!   
    One of the best drama's on TV for quite a while
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from ron in Where do you get your travel insurance when cruising?   
    we use our insurance provided by the bank
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from buddy in The Blacklist   
    Has anyone been watching this programme? i have to say we have been hooked!! season finale was last night
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    tigerlilly reacted to jaguar01 in Queen Elizabeth & Queen Victoria Play 'happy Birthday' To Queen Mary 2!   
    Hello I thought I had seen all and heard everthing there was relevant to the great event.How wrong I was this was absolutely brilliant.I have said before if Southampton was closer I would certainly have been there.Everone is of course entitled to an oppinion and we must respect that oppinion.But you will I hope forgive me if I treat the comment from Land Ahoy with the contempt it deserves.
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    tigerlilly reacted to TomYoungs in Customer Service   
    Crikey someone did get out the bed the wrong side!!  Only joking.  I have never had a bad experience with Bolsover.  aaa have you tried calling them to give them the opportunity to sort things for you before resorting to this forum as I would imagine this isn't monitored by staff??  I'm sure they will do everything they can to sort this for you.
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    tigerlilly reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Just Returned   
    I have just returned from a cruise on Fred Olsen's smallest ship Braemar. The itinerary was Tenerife, Cape Verde Islands, Banjul and Senegal. For the benefit of others I thought it worth mentioning that the food was excellent. One evening Pheasant was on the menu and I have to admit that having completed many cruises with a large number of cruise lines this was a first. The evening main courses including the usual standby dishes was always 10. Smoked Salmon always available on the breakfast buffet. One lunch time the buffet included half lobsters, lobster claws, large mussels and steak. Other cruise lines please take note. The passenger age seems to be getting lower. There were a number of children on board and a large number of passengers in the 45-55 age range. I also saw a comedian that I first saw 14 years ago on Airtours Sunbird. His name is Barnaby and he really had everyone laughing without being crude or blue. It is easy to see why Fred Olsen are winning so many awards now. One of the best cruises I have taken in a long while and yes I did pay for it before anyone asks.
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    tigerlilly reacted in Poor Service   
    Sorry to hear there is a problem but probably a good time to learn a few lessons.
    One particular lesson is that there is the ability to download the e-ticket from Cunard's Personaliser onto your mobile phone or tablet.
    It is then there to show at check-in. 
    In my experience the e-ticket is the least important piece of paper presented at the check-in. First is my passport to identify me against the reservation and secondly my credit card to ensure I'm going to have funds on the cruise.
    Funilly enough we sent a cheque off to a relative on 3 April. They still have not received it so after a few emails I did a bank transfer this morning.
    I love IT.
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    tigerlilly reacted to WShutt in Poor Service   
    I am sad to read on this posting that someone is unhappy with our service, Customer Service is paramount to us and I feel that our Administration is second to none so it genuinely saddens me when something goes wrong and we fail to deliver this service to our customers. If we have let any customer down then my apologies go out to them.
    Our ticketing procedure with Cunard and also P&O Cruises is that approximately 12-14 days before Departure date we are sent  all e-tickets for Customers who haven’t viewed their own on Cruise Personaliser, if they do view them then the operator assumes they are doing their own as they have no way of knowing if these have been printed or not.
    I think it is worth adding that a growing majority of passengers are now choosing not to take any travel documents with them and just quoting their booking reference on arrival at the check-in desk, although if you are like me then you will probably feel more assured with a bit of paper in your hand.
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    tigerlilly reacted to Blackiesbird in Oceana Change Of Itinerary   
    Just got back from the Oceana 5th April cruise with the revised itinerary. Have to say P&O went the extra mile to try and make amends and the divers worked none stop from when we docked in Barcelona on Saturday lunchtime to when we left lunchtime on Tuesday to do the maintenance work and the weather all the way around the ports was fantastic. We had a great cruise, we had hop on hop off bus tickets for two days worth 35 euros each and the refund cheque was on the door mat when we got home today. Full marks to P&O
    Hope you enjoyed Ventura, Kite63
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from whisper in Pre Paying Tips?   
    i hate it on the last night when people suddenly dont go to dinner so they dont have to tip! grrrrr they are infuriating!
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from lightening10 in P&o Cruises 2015/16 Out Now!   
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    tigerlilly reacted in P&o Tirade   
    It people insist on waiting until the last minute to get what they deem to be the best fares, then why shouldn't they pay for shuttle buses?    People who book in advance have to have some sort of advantage, and if this is one of them, then that is fine by me.   You can't wait for a cheap fare and get everything else - you get the same food and entertainment, so the money has to be made up somewhere along the line.   Funnily enough, I don't see this as P&O penny pinching, I see it more as penny pinching on the customer's part.  Those who were happy to book in advance a few years ago, perhaps got caught out and thought someone had a better deal - they now wait for the best price.    They can't do their own version of 'penny pinching' and expect the company not to do the same.
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from annabella1 in What Is The Best Thing About Cruising?   
    i love seeing all different places and taking the lovely hotel with me
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from RiverSong in What Will You Not Travel Without?   
    my kindle. love curling up wth a good book on sea days!
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    tigerlilly reacted to del82 in What Is The Best Thing About Cruising?   
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    tigerlilly reacted to eyes12 in What Is The Best Thing About Cruising?   
    no flying! your holiday starts the minute you step on board!
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    tigerlilly reacted to Tally in What Is The Best Thing About Cruising?   
    That's how I feel. I like the fact that I can do roundtrips from Southampton too, eliminating the need to fly, which I don't enjoy.
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    tigerlilly reacted to ron in What Will You Not Travel Without?   
    Good Evening,
                            Why don't all the married men be honest, the thing they cant go on holiday without is THE WIFE come on men be honest you would not get over the doorstep with out her say so.  Ron
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    tigerlilly reacted to ANNROBINSONSTOCKPORT in Smoking on P&O   
    Just returned from a cruise on Ventura.  Left our balcony for approx. 15 mins  and returned to find a cigarette end had burnt a large hole in a towel over a chair and was burning a hole in the chair when we put it out and reported the incident.    It then came to light that cigarette ends had landed on other balconies around ours, one of which was alight and the smell of smoke had alerted the guests in the cabin.  As on other ships, smokers were specifically requested not to throw cigarette ends over balconies at the lifeboat drill.  NO SMOKING ON BALCONIES IS LONG OVERDUE. 
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    tigerlilly reacted in Union Jack To Be Painted On P&o Ships   
    Just found this picture on the internet. It's better than my earlier efforts.
    Growing on me every time I see it.
    I wanna be on the maiden cruise...are you listening Bolsover?
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    tigerlilly reacted to sammy sun in Union Jack To Be Painted On P&o Ships   
    I disagree with that Land Ahoy, I completely undferstand your objection to anti British but to state that P&O Cruises are "crap" seems a bit over the top to me.  I definitely agree that everyone likes what they like, everyone is different and we should all be allowed our own opinions but for many people, including myself, P&O Cruises are still a very enjoyable cruise line to travel with.  In fact, I sailed with them not too long ago for my honeymoon and enjoyed of the best holidays I've ever had so I think that is incredibly harsh on them. 
    I do no disagree that some cuts have been made but show me a single business in the world where that hasn't needed to be the case in the current climate.  Value to me equals price x quality and by my reckoning, P&O Cruises are still pretty good value for money.
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    tigerlilly reacted to sammy sun in Union Jack To Be Painted On P&o Ships   
    I think it's a nice idea, gives the ships that extra distinctive look.  I disagree with you Land Ahoy on P&O not being British.  I know they are American owned but lets face it, there are not many cruise lines around more British than P&O.  They cater brilliantly for British passengers.  As for flights, I don't think they do too badly, currently offering Birmingham, Manchester and London Gatwick is hardly poor.  Their catering for a vast amount of people there unlike some other cruise lines that just focus on London.  I think it's a good idea and almost appears like a tip of the cap from P&O to their loyal following of British passengers and a reminder of who their primary audience is. 
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    tigerlilly reacted in Union Jack To Be Painted On P&o Ships   
    Meridian, my regional  ITV channel,  ran an article yesterday evening on P&O Cruises. It revealed that  the largest Union Jack in the world is to be painted on the sides of Southampton based cruise ships to promote Britain around the world. 
    Our oldest shipping company plan to introduce a modern version of the British flag that will celebrate the companies heritage and Britishness.
    Designed at the companies HQ in Southampton, it will be 94 meters long and 10 metres tall, and on both sides of everyone of the companies eight ships.
    Here are two images and members can also see that the traditional 'buff' coloured funnel is also set to be replaced with a blue design embossed with carrying P&O's 'Rising Sun' logo. 


    The full news item can be found at...
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