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    tigerlilly got a reaction from rah in Shore Excursions Canary Islands   
    in lanzarote timanfaya is definately worth seeing. You need to do it as an excursion unless you hire a car. If you do decide to do car hire then you need to wait for their own buses once there as only licensed coaches can go around the lunar landscape. I would recommend the excursion its much easier
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from rah in Ventura   
    when we sailed on ventura can honestly ssay we didnt find the ship noisy and we went in the middle of august at prime school holiday time!
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from Bailey in Msc Don’T Tell The Bride   
    i thought the guns n roses video theme last was bad! I would not have gone through with the one last night if it was me I'd kill him!!
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    tigerlilly reacted to sammy sun in Changing Prices.   
    Could not agree more. I think for the first time in a while, the cruise lines pricing policies are extremely clear and transparent. Gone are the days of not knowing what will happen from one day to the next, instead their are clear guidelines set by the cruise lines to show their pricing and for passengers to decide what works best for them. I feel P&O get a rough ride a lot of the time but in truth, they could not be more clear. If you book early, you WILL pay a higher price but you will get a guaranteed cabin number, as well as dining choice and benefit as well like on board credit for example. Alternatively, book later and you WILL pay less but you won't get the aforementioned perks, it's very simple and I don't see how they could make it easier for people. I'm a big fan of the new system as it rewards the individual rather than the masses.
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    tigerlilly reacted in Bolsover Exclusive Qm2 Arrives Liverpool 4 July   
    Hopefully this will be an exclusive for Bolsover Cruise Club.
    At 00.35 this morning Queen Mary 2 arrived at Liverpool in preparation for her celebrations for the re-enactment of the 175th original Cunard Atlantic crossing by  Britannia.
    This was how we witnessed the arrival a short time ago...


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    tigerlilly got a reaction from hturtle in Which Is Better - Eavesway Or Intercruises Coaches?   
    We've only travelled with Eavesway and have never had any issues
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    tigerlilly reacted to AFC04/03 in Bad Publicity   
    I think its bad publicity for everyone involved in the last two pages of this post. Lets move on.
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    tigerlilly reacted to DavidH in Do I Have To Register A Credit Card With Celebrity Cruises Or Can I Use A Debit?   
    Hello again, tigerlilly, You may recall my saying in response to your earlier enquiries when you were considering which cruise option to take that my wife and I were on Millennium from Hong Kong to Singapore in March this year, along with two of our friends. We found Cellarmasters Wine Bar the perfect place to meet up for pre-dinner drinks. It is immediately in front of the entrance to the dining room used for Select Dining and, if you do have to wait a few minutes for a table, it's very pleasant to relax in there and listen to whichever musician is on duty that evening or chat with fellow passengers and the superb bar staff.
    Talking of bar staff, if Bal is on duty in the Sunset Bar, which is on deck 10 and overlooks the stern, get to know him. He's a great guy who will certainly get to know you if you go there with any frequency.
    If you are in to wines and not averse to spending a few bob, try the Reidel Glass Wine Workshop. It opens your eyes to the way in which the shape of different wine glasses affects your tasting of the wine.
    Sorry if all these recommendations involve drinking but you may notice my avatar shows me with glass in hand......
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    tigerlilly reacted in Has Anyone Been To Bali?   
    Good morning Tigerlilly.
    I have been to Bali many times though never actually cruised there.
    The purpose of my visits were to Scuba Dive...

    I wouldn't be put off by the odd review.
    Bali is essentially a curates egg with a second yolk.
    There is the hedonistic playground around Kuta Beach and Denpassar which I certainly found fun on my last night stopovers before a flight home.
    Then of course there is the diving. Often challenging but again, good adventure.
    Then, and this will interest you most, there is the countryside. Usually lush green with paddy fields everywhere all interspersed with thousands of temples. It is an excellent cultural island to visit.
    I would suggest that maybe, if it is on offer, an island tour that takes in Danau Batur Lake. It is effectively a flooded Volcano and the scenery is spectacular. I'd be confident in saying that that kind of  tour would take in some good temples as well as Tanah Lot, the most famous waterfront temple.
    Second day, well head on down to Kuta Beach. Have fun whatever you choose.
    Bali is a long way away, make the most of it.
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    tigerlilly reacted in Celebrity Drinks Packages?   
    I've been asked by a member what is included in the 'Select' package.
    Unfortunately any description of what it offered was not available while i was recently onboard.
    This is what was offered onboard...

    Can anyone shed any light on what a 'Select' package offers?
    The arrow only indicates the package I purchased.
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    tigerlilly reacted to Peter D in Has Anyone Been To Bali?   
    Never been but have gleaned this from other forums/facebook.
    Depending on where you tender it can be a half hour tender ride into Benoa.  At the port you have to run the gauntlet of the hundreds of taxi drivers all vying for business. If you do decide to take a private trip in a car/taxi then it is worth knowing that the roads are very good but the drivers are maniacs. There is no speed limit and the traffic lights are merely suggestions rather than being adhered to.  There are thousands of mopeds, bikes and scooters.  The legal age is 17 but many pre-teen and children are seen riding them. It is not unusual to see families of 3 or 4 riding on one moped weaving in and out of traffic.
    If you are looking for a private tour guide try Bali Dean.  You are met at the port and immediately provided with bottles of iced water. His car is modern and air-conditioned. If into snorkeling try the tour to the Blue Lagoon which is approx. 75 minutes’ drive.  On the way you will see many temples and the country side of Bali.  There are temples in abundance many highly decorated and some more simple.  Dean will explain the difference between the temples to the Bad Gods and the Good ones. It is mainly the women who make the offerings to the Gods.
    The Blue Lagoon is aptly named, however, the walk into the sea is not pleasant and the beach is full of debris but once in the water it is so clear. The coral is very colourful as are the fish. The snorkelling is some of the best.  The facilities were very basic and it desperately needs some TLC.  On the way back you visit the Water Palace at Karangasem.  This was built in 1909 for a King with 11 wives.  It is very clean and white tiled but not the majestic accommodation you would have expected for a King,  You can tour the inside and visit the Kings bedroom, its stunning gardens and views. It is still owned by one of the Royal families.
    For many the overall view of Bali is that it is very dirty with lots of trash everywhere. There is no system in place for clearing up the mess and it will just continue to get worse. There are some beautiful places which are looked after but in the main the people just exist amongst the rubbish. It is a way of life for them and they probably don't even notice it.
    Hope that helps.
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    tigerlilly reacted to sammy sun in Has Anyone Been To Bali?   
    I think your right tigerlilly, it seems to be a place not many people have visited but that should make it feel all the more special. I am extremely envious of you and I'm sure you'll have a lovely time. Hopefully a few people will pop up on here with experience of the port and be able to offer a little more advice.
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from Lulu in Baltic   
    Tallin is lovely - the HOHO bus is great
    If you're docking in Gydnia for Gdansk then we used shore excursion to get to Gdansk then had a wander on our own once there
    Copenhagen - we saw Tivolli and the little mermaid. We did everything here on the HOHO bus too
    Stockholm - the Vasa museum is fabulous and the ABBA museum is great fun! the old town is beautiful to walk around
    St Petersburg  - There's so much to see here! We saw Peterhof Palace, Catherines Palace and the Hermitage. Thoroughly enjouyed everything we did. Organised all through the ship so we didnt have to worry about visas for Russia
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from RiverSong in Will P&o Cruises Replace Adonia Or Make Another Ship Adult Only?   
    One of the great things about P&O is their variety of ships large and small . . . are they going to lose some customers through this as not everyone wants to go on the larger ships?
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    tigerlilly reacted to DavidH in When’S The Best Time To Cruise To The Far East?   
    Hi tigerlilly,
    Apologies for the delay.  Been on the Norfolk coast for the weekend with little internet access - made for a peaceful few days.
    Singapore - I agree with Sheila re the evening bumboat trip from Clarke Quay and the laser light show.  Our trip also included going up to the viewing area atop the Sands Hotel complex. Excellent.  You could also consider the fascinating Night Safari, though we found the time allowed by the official ship's tour to be inadequate and simply took our own time and got a taxi back, rather than rushing the visit to go back by the official coach.  The Botanical Gardens are another must.  We visited during the day but I believe a night time visit is also good.  The place does look amazing when lit up at night.  Singapore in general is a great place to spend a few days.  So clean and easy to get around.  By the way, if your return flight from Singapore is the usual late night affair, you may wish to consider booking a Day Use room at the Crowne Plaza, Changi Airport.  Not cheap but excellent value as you can have a really relaxing final day lazing by the pool or just chilling in the hotel/your room before strolling onto the airport train link to catch your long haul flight home.
    The only other port on your itinerary which we have visited (so far) is Port Klang from where we took the ship's (Azamara Journey) tour to Kuala Lumpur, some 40k away.  Port Klang itself has nothing to offer and merely serves as access to the fascinating city of Kuala Lumpur.  Check out the tours on offer from Millennium.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
    Quite jealous of you're visits to Phuket, Penang, Bali and Komodo but, there's still time for us (I hope)!!
    Have a fabulous holiday.
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from DavidH in When’S The Best Time To Cruise To The Far East?   
    Thank you David! November seems such a long time away though! We have been given use of a day room by Celebrity but it doesnt state which hotel it will be. Our flight leaves at 2320 so I feel it will be a loooooong day anyway!
    I have wanted to visit Phucket for years and apparently theres a pink beach in Komodo thats a must see . . .  its just a case of weighing up seeing the pink beach or komodo dragons...!
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from DavidH in When’S The Best Time To Cruise To The Far East?   
    Just been looking at excursions i want to do everything!!!
    Got an outside cabin and a Select drinks package...very happy!!
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from DavidH in When’S The Best Time To Cruise To The Far East?   
    well ive booked the milenium sailing for 22/11/15!! very excited!
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    tigerlilly reacted to Oceanview in Have You Ever Forgotten To Pack Anything?   
    Like you tigerlily I forgot my hairbrush on one occasion… Didn’t realise until I got out of the shower that my hairbrush was nowhere to be seen!
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from DavidH in Describe A Cruise In 3 Words!   
    making great memories
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from DavidH in When’S The Best Time To Cruise To The Far East?   
    Thank you for that tip David. I wasnt aware they offered that . . . I feel I may go back to the drawing board and start my search again. Thats the great thing about this forum! I didn't know very much at all about this area and had just seen some great offers for a cruise! It's now made me think twice about the "deal" and investigate the itinerary further!
    The Millenium cruise may well be worth the extra cost from what you have said! The itineraries I had seen there were:
    DAY 1 NOV 5, 2015
    Hong Kong
    DAY 2 NOV 6, 2015
    Hong Kong
    DAY 3 NOV 7, 2015
    Hong Kong
    DAY 4 NOV 8, 2015
    Hong Kong
    DAY 4 NOV 8, 2015
    Hong Kong, China
    DAY 5 NOV 9, 2015
    Hong Kong, China
    DAY 6 NOV 10, 2015
    At Sea
    DAY 7 NOV 11, 2015
    Hanoi (Halong Bay), Vietnam
    DAY 8 NOV 12, 2015
    Hanoi (Halong Bay), Vietnam
    DAY 9 NOV 13, 2015
    Hue / Danang (Chan May), Vietnam
    DAY 10 NOV 14, 2015
    At Sea
    DAY 11 NOV 15, 2015
    Ho Chi Minh (Phu My), Vietnam
    DAY 12 NOV 16, 2015
    At Sea
    DAY 13 NOV 17, 2015
    Bangkok / Laem Chabang, Thailand
    DAY 14 NOV 18, 2015
    Bangkok / Laem Chabang, Thailand
    DAY 15 NOV 19, 2015
    At Sea
    DAY 16 NOV 20, 2015
    At Sea
    DAY 17 NOV 21, 2015
    Singapore, Asia
    DAY 18 NOV 22, 2015
    Singapore, Asia
    DAY 1 NOV 22, 2015
    Singapore, Asia
    DAY 2 NOV 23, 2015
    Singapore, Asia
    DAY 3 NOV 24, 2015
    At Sea
    DAY 4 NOV 25, 2015
    At Sea
    DAY 5 NOV 26, 2015
    Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
    DAY 6 NOV 27, 2015
    Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
    DAY 7 NOV 28, 2015
    Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
    DAY 8 NOV 29, 2015
    Komodo, Indonesia
    DAY 9 NOV 30, 2015
    At Sea
    DAY 10 DEC 1, 2015
    At Sea
    DAY 11 DEC 2, 2015
    At Sea
    DAY 12 DEC 3, 2015
    Phuket, Thailand
    DAY 13 DEC 4, 2015
    Penang, Malaysia
    DAY 14 DEC 5, 2015
    Port Kelang, Malaysia
    DAY 15 DEC 6, 2015
    Singapore, Asia
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    tigerlilly reacted to DavidH in When’S The Best Time To Cruise To The Far East?   
    Personally, I would not consider this itinerary as a) it's a long way to go for only 10 nights and 3 calls, other than Singapore and it doesn't include Halong Bay, which was the main attraction of the Vietnam area for us.  The limitation, of course, is the round trip, so the ship can only cover a relatively small geographical area.
    Doesn't mean to say it wouldn't suit yourselves.  It's just my thoughts.
    By the way, when Millennium over nighted in Laem Chabang, we booked Celebrity's 2 day tour of Bangkok, which included an hotel stay, as it is a long haul in from the port to Bangkok itself.
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from wheels36 in Should Cruise Line Corkage Fees Be Uncorked?!   
    interested to know peoples views on this? are you happy paying corkage fees or do you think this shoudl be waived??
    i may cause controversy here but i think i agree that they are ok to charge this. I dont mind when I go to a restaurant where you can take your own wine so why mind on a ship?! a friend of mine was recently complaining about this and I wonder what peoples feelings are in general??
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    tigerlilly reacted to sammy sun in When’S The Best Time To Cruise To The Far East?   
    I wouldn't rule out travelling to this part of the world at this time tigerlilly. You can often get lovely weather, particularly in October. You'll avoid the severe humidity of the main summer months so this can often be a nice time to travel, hence why so many cruise lines deploy ships in this region at this time. I'd consider it worth a go.
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    tigerlilly got a reaction from Furby in What’S The Difference Between A Normal Balcony And A Superior Deluxe On P&o And Is It Worth The Price Difference?   
    i have been in both on ventura. the normal balcony is smaller than a deluxe balcony. in the deluxe you get a sofa area and a few added extras like canapes/bathrobes and slippers etc. they are both nice. a deluxe balcony is definately worth it if there's more than 2 people
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