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  1. being from Mansfield myself I'd like to take offence....... but I'm afraid you are probably right!
  2. we did barcelona to the canaries in february this year. we did not have very good weather at all and that makes me dubious about the med that time of year! I asked a question on here a while ago and the general consensus seemed to be that canaries are better than the med that time of year!
  3. i don't think i like the idea of deciding where i want to eat and when 6 months beforehand! the odd night would be ok but if you need to get booked into everything then surely it defeats the object of being flexible! if you pre book the show do you pre book particular seats too?
  4. apparently gemma is earning £100,000 for her 2 day appearance. That really angers me!!! she is not entertainment!
  5. I agree with the hospital parking. Also I would like to add dentists!
  6. Thank you for the advice! I have my thinking cap back on as I know my husband will moan too much if it's cold and that won't give me a happy holiday either!
  7. I have to say that we really enjoyed our cruise last year on Balmoral. I was slightly concerned thinking that the ship would be old but the staff more than made up for it! I think after a refurb we would definately look at going back on Balmoral! I wouldn't go on Black Watch however even after a refurb. She is too small a ship for us. On Balmoral we were regularly asked (by other passengers) what we were doing on there as we were by far and away the youngest people on board! I believe the average age on Black watch is higher than Balmoral too.
  8. Thank you everyone for your advice! I'm not sure i fancy the cold but we just cant decide what to do! we did the canaries from barcelona this year in february and it certainly wasnt warm!
  9. I am looking to go away in february and have seen a sailing on NCL that we are quite interested in . . .just wondered if anyone has been to this area this time of year and could advsie if it's worth going or if it is too cold?? any advice welcome! The itinerary is: ROME, OLYMPIA (KATAKOLON), PIRAEUS (ATHENS), KUSADASI, ISTANBUL, NAPLES/POMPEII, ROME Thanks x
  10. I have a few minor ongoing medical issues. I always call before we go away to make sure everything is noted and update any changes. That way they cant say they werent aware. Sometimes the person I speak seems irritated that I go through everything but I'd rather that then them be able to say i wasn't covered through lack of information!
  11. oooh im excited!! seem trailers but no details of when it starts!?
  12. i agree harley1 - not keen on the name!
  13. mine is one of my favourite flowers and the nickname my father gave me as a child
  14. Just seen that world cruises are on sale soon for 2016 . . . I dream of doing a world cruise one day! if only . . . . no harm in looking! http://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/cruise-deals/cruise-line-deals/2016-p&o-world-&-exotic-voyages/
  15. I just think if you get moved it will be last minute. That probably means you'll get upgraded to the cabins that are avaiable because no one else wants them. Then they can re sell your cabin that you've picked! if you've paid more to know your cabin in advance why would you then want to be moved?!
  16. We have been to Barcelona a few times and love it! The Hoho buses are great. Defiately get to the Gaudi Park. Las Ramblas are lovely t walk down but like Terminator said be very careful of pickpockets. You've also got the olympic stadium if that' your thing. At Plaza Catalunya there is a large El Corte Ingles which is a fab department store. Just up from the front of there are some lovely tapas restaurants too. Sure you'll love it!
  17. have you selected to only view content you haven't read? I always have it on past 2 weeks and lots of content coems up
  18. tigerlilly

    The 100

    I watched the first 3 episodes of this last night to catch up! have to say it's quite good!
  19. we did a pre cruise stay in barcelona before embarking on the NCL Spirit. Have to say it was great for us to do that as we were already relaxed and in full holiday mode by the time we got on the ship. It's also good for seeing the embarkation/disembarkation port as otherwise you don't get to see these places.
  20. yes some characters appear in both. i love chicago fire! you'll have a couple of series to catch up on though
  21. It started last week on 5 it's looking like iot is going to be as good as chicago fire! a bit strange to see some of the characters popping in. I imagine it will be quite hard to keep on top of both storylines and will be interested to see how they do this.
  22. My friend booked a cruise with another agent. She was going to have some medical treatment and had to transfer her booking to an alternate sailing at a later date. Not only was she charged £100 by P&O but also £75 by that agent! How can an agent charge you if the cruiseline is aleady charging you for amendments?? that is disgraceful!
  23. This must be so difficult for the familes who lost loved ones
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