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  1. i like the idea! he's very popular and I'm sure he'd be interesting to see!
  2. Sounds brilliant! I'd deinitely give that a go. Wonder if you get a glass of wine with any treatment too ??
  3. I've not been on either ship. Does anyne have a preference? I think the feel you get onboard a ship is important. I loved when we went on Ventura but I know many people who don't like her for some reason!
  4. Thank you for your comments everyone. I'm leaning towards thinking we should wait a while til he's a bit older before we venture to Alaska!
  5. Would you recommend taking a baby on-board an Alaska cruise?? Alaska has always been on our to do list but things are a bit different now we have a little one. He's been fine on flights so I'm not worried about that but interested to know other peoples thoughts on what to do onboard and ashore with him and if it would be suitable? Thanks x
  6. i enjoy the programme but turn off when she starts singing!! x
  7. Overally I wasnt very impressed with this programme. It felt rather unfair on Carnival Corporation!
  8. I do like certain brands but i would always look at other options if the date/price/itinerary are better. Variety is the spice of life!
  9. exactly. 24 hours before the end of the sailing if I have read this correctly? Therefore I believe there must be a lot more to it for Regent to go as far as offloading them. They are being professional and respectful by not airing all the details imo
  10. i think there must be a lot of information missing from this!! Regent wouldnt have asked them to leave the ship for no reasonable reason
  11. We had a lovely cruise on Balmoral and found the beds to be very comfortable and all passengers adhered to the dress code
  12. I have done this too. We just turned up on the day!
  13. Im torn. One minute im convinced its the solicitor then I think its the head of police! We've watched all of the series and they're all brilliant.
  14. i cnat get on at the moment. what exactly does it compare?? itineraries or standards or prices etc?
  15. i thought this was heartbreaking
  16. my husband always takes sea sickness tablets as a precaution since he got travel sick on our first cruise!
  17. whilst i really enjoyed it when we went on NCL, the speciality restaurants made it for us. I wonder if their standards will go down if they are now included as well or if they'll still be as good?!
  18. We like to do both. Cruises are our preference however somtimes a nice all inclusive two week fly n flop is a welcome change! x
  19. ive been on the Spirit in Europe and we really enjoyed it! would definately recommend the specialiy restaurants! personally we werent keen on the main restaurant so booked the speciality ones every night and thoroughly enjoyed it. The shows were very good they are very strict on closing the doors once the show is on so get there on time! People were able to smoke in the casino and that meant there was a very strong smell of smoke aorund that area and there was a bar at the far end that we never got to go to as you have to walk through the casino to get there! The buffet got very busy at time
  20. i think its a shame for the people who work in tourism in the affected countries not just the people whose holidays are affected too
  21. http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/cruiselog/2015/08/19/costa-cruises-cancels-port-calls-turkey/31984881/ its also on travel weekly: http://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Costa-cancels-Turkey-calls-for-rest-of-2015
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