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  1. has anyone been to Beijing?? If so do you know how far Beijing is from the cruise terminals? My husband has decided he would like to go to Beijing but not sure how best to get there or where the ports are etc. can anyone help?
  2. i have been in both on ventura. the normal balcony is smaller than a deluxe balcony. in the deluxe you get a sofa area and a few added extras like canapes/bathrobes and slippers etc. they are both nice. a deluxe balcony is definately worth it if there's more than 2 people
  3. tigerlilly

    The Island With Bear Grylls

    i think the men are doing better than the women unfortuantely! although that guy this week was really arrogant when he went on fishing strike!
  4. tigerlilly


    we have been to gdansk and it was lovely! definately worth seeing. We docked at Gdynia and used the on your own shore excursion, local transport looked rather complicated but im guessing it would be the tram
  5. tigerlilly

    Video Of Anthem Reversing Out Of Shipyard!

    i'm so excited to go on this!!
  6. tigerlilly

    Formal Nights

    As I've mentioned in another thread I am a big fan of the formal nights! my husband doesn't wear a suit for his job so I love that I get to see him all dressed up on holiday. I don't think he is as big a fan as i am though! For me a large part of cruising is the tradition and glamour and formal nights form a part of that. Although NCL didnt have a formal night as such they still had a night where people could choose to dress up or not. Most people did so it obviously still has it's place!
  7. tigerlilly

    All Inclusive Package With Fred Olsen

    We didn't have the drinks package when we last went with Fred Olsen but i tried to look whilst onboard. If I remember correctly it was house spirits not branded. I just found this on their website: Which drinks are included in the All Inclusive package? Bars - - Selection of soft drinks by the glass: Post mix Pepsi, lemonade, tonic water, juices and mineral/spring water. - Selected red and white house wines by the glass. - Selected branded beers in cans or draught. - House spirits from the following range: Rum, Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Brandy. Restaurant/Buffet Areas: - Selection of soft drinks, mineral/spring water & juices by the glass. - Red and white House wines by the glass. - Selected branded canned beer(s). Discounted Drinks: Guests on the All Inclusive package are also entitled to 50% discount on premium and branded drinks, wines (excluding champagne or sparkling wine) cocktails, and bottled water (in cabins or public areas).
  8. tigerlilly

    Real Ships

    It depends what you are looking for. For example we had just as good a holiday on Ventura as we had on Balmoral but for different reasons. We've been on the NCL Spirit which is one of their smaller ships and I'm travelling with friends on Anthem this year which is as big as it gets! I'm not going to list all of the ships we have been on but they all range in company and size and I think it is great that there is such a choice! I love the formal nights as it is the only time I get to see my husband in a suit and genuinely think you cannot compare a ship with a land-based holiday. Having tried a "fly and flop" style all inclusive holiday this year - whether it's a large or small ship as long as it's a cruise holiday I am happy lady!
  9. tigerlilly

    Britannia - Wow!

    It looks like you'd get fabulous views from the promenade you can walk around on deck 18
  10. tigerlilly

    Where To Buy The Best Cruise Dress!

    I love Coast and Phase 8
  11. tigerlilly

    The 100

    is anyone still watching this? I have to say I am fully hooked now. The latest episode even gave me a lump in my throat and almost cried! (which amused my husband greatly!)
  12. tigerlilly

    Japan/asia Cruise

    Thank you Richard, I'm looking at a cruise around October/November from Singapore. Have you done that area then?
  13. tigerlilly

    Japan/asia Cruise

    Hi, Please can anyone advise me on the best time of year to travel to Japan/Asia? I don't want to be there in time for the rainy season! Thanks
  14. tigerlilly

    St Petersburg

    We didn't go with cunard but in St Petersburg we did the hermitage, peterhof palace and catherines palace. all were amazing! Some people also did the ballet but it made for a really long couple of days if you try and fit too much in. I definately advise to do organised shore excursions as arranging independant visas will be a nightmare and now you have to go to the embassy in person to have fingerprints etc done if you do it independantly.
  15. tigerlilly

    Sicknote Goes Cruising This Book Is A Must

    I've just come back from holiday and read this on my sunbed. It was a great read and I thouroughly enjoyed it!
  16. tigerlilly

    50 Shades

    very badly written books not yet seen the film
  17. tigerlilly

    Valentine's Dinner At Home

    My husband made me sirloin steak with a fresh advocado and tomato salad and home made chips
  18. I often hear people complaining that they are running out of places to go to as the cruise lines offer repeats to the same destinations. Personally I think that there is a lot of choice and can always find one to suit us however . . . . . . If you could design an itinerary where would you want to go?
  19. tigerlilly

    Where Would You Want To Go?

    One place I'd love to go to is Bora Bora. . . saw a film that was filmed there and have wanted to go ever since!
  20. tigerlilly

    Is This Forum Dead

    Maybe the readers need the advice to help them cruise more then they'd become the writers ready to help more of the new readers and so it will continue!
  21. tigerlilly

    Cruise Line Loyalty

    I personally like to try lots of different cruise lines. I book for the right itinerary and the right date for me and my husband. Loyalty rewards wouldn't sway me from going with another company when it comes down to where and when I want to go! Variety is the spice of life and all!
  22. tigerlilly

    Is This Forum Dead

    Surely theres nothing wrong with some people wanting to read more than they post?! it's helpful and informative and I for one have been greaful of the advice I have been given!
  23. tigerlilly

    Mighty Cruise Ships

    the azamara one is repeated saturday at 11am on quest
  24. tigerlilly

    Mighty Cruise Ships

    We watched the Azamara one and have set the next one to record. We really enjoyed watching it! Cannot find the first and second episodes though which ships did we miss??
  25. tigerlilly

    Take That As A 3!

    I have ben a Take that fan for many years. They always put on amazing shows and the last tour when Robbie was back was probably the best one they've done. Having said that, I got their new album at christmas and it just isnt grabbing me. I also bought tickets for the new tour costng £65 per person even for standing! I'm reserving judgement for now but unfortunately even as an avid fan i have to admit there just seems to be something missing and maybe going to a 3 peice just isn't working the same.