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  1. Hi, is there a charge for access toSerenity Pool/Bar area? Thanks
  2. We are going on a Noreweigan Fjords cruise next month. We've been looking at the weather online and are unsure exactly what clothing to take. I am prepared for rain but do we need shorts, swimwear, sandals ? Also how expensive is it and any suggestions as to typical prices for coffee, cup of tea, soft drink, a glass of wine/beer?? Thank you in advance.
  3. Waiting waiting and more waiting....can anyone tell me when we can print our E tickets and luggage labels ? The message initially said 5 weeks prior to travel, now it says " cannot print yet as cabin not yet allocated " We go in 3 weeks time and I would also like to know which cabin we have been given, as when we booked we were told it would be a guaranteed cabin...this is only our second cruise with P&O and I don't remember it being a problem. Thanks for reading.
  4. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. We're not going to sleep anyway so we will aim to arrive for the 4 hour check in.
  5. We are going on our first cruise In March flying from Manchester to Barbados, our travel documents say to allow 4 hours at check in........anyone know why 4 hours when we expected it to be 3 hours, thank you in advance.
  6. Can confirm, excursions site is down and has been down for a few days, frustrating as we are trying to view excursions for Adonia sailing March 5th......will keep trying!!
  7. I forgot to add the ports of call; Barbados, Tobago, Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Antigua, St Maarten, Tortola, St Kitts, Martinique, and St Vincent. Thanks.
  8. We are travelling on our first cruise to the Caribbean with the Adonia next year, as we are unable to view the list of potential shore trips/activities for some time yet, does anyone know what they are likely to be, and any suggestions/recommendations appreciated, also a rough idea of cost, thanks.
  9. Lilacsam


    We are making our first cruise on Adonia in March, recommended to us by good friends who have mainly cruised with P&O or Holland America. So looking forward to it, and any reviews would be much appreciated.
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