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  1. Thanks Richard for the very informative review and photos of Genoa Will definitely be useful to us when we visit that port at the end of July.
  2. I wanted to book on the Britannia but unfortunately dates and itineraries weren't right so now booked on Ventura. Bit disappointed but nevermind!
  3. I love the fact that when you call Bolsover they know exactly who you are plus all your details and promptly phone you back if necessary. I have found it so frustrating in the past when I have phoned holiday companies and you have to give reference numbers and endless info before you can ask them anything!!!! All the staff at Bolsover are so polite and efficient.
  4. We've always done freedom dining which I much prefer but last year had to go with 1st sitting on the Aurora. We felt rushed most evenings and were often served dessert, cheese & biscuits and coffee all at the same time. It felt like the waiters were under pressure to get rid of us so that they could set the table for the next sitting. Looking forward to freedom dining this year on the Ventura.
  5. Pleased to see some nice reports about the Aurora. Just booked a cruise to the Canaries in August and was a bit worried about it being refitted at the end of this year.
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