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  1. The information above was correct when I replied to your email and as things stand are still correct. If the government change the regulations or plan to change the regulations in the near future then we would have no knowledge of this in advance. As an agent all we can do is pass on the latest information given to us by our cruise operator partners. What I think you need to appreciate is that this is a situation that has never happened before in the world and as such plans and regulations need to adapt with the ever changing pandemic, whilst there is no imminent danger some of these compan
  2. Hi Sinbad. In these unprecedented and uncertain times we as a Travel Agent can only deal with the terms that the Cruise Operators are setting and we have no knowledge or foreword if they are going to change these. Bearing in mind the thousands of customers and phone calls that we are dealing with then we communicate the changes of terms to the best of our ability to our customers, this is in addition to the communication that the cruise operators are sending direct to passengers. As the government have advised that the peak of this pandemic is not going to be for 10-12 weeks then the
  3. I have just spoken to Cunard and yes they are moving everything. The calls to Istanbul will be replaced by Thessaloniki, Greece and an additional call to Volos. Should get official notification Monday onwards they promise me. Celebrity and RCI also look like they are pulling out, i am on with those right now.
  4. Hi MB alone. At this point in time they dont offer a programme for Fred Olsen but it is something we have asked them to look at going forward.
  5. Hi yes these would include visas for Russia
  6. I wouldn't say that we don't recommend them, we have just chosen to move our partnership to Tripashore, we feel it offers a better experience for our customers.
  7. Hi There, Thanks for the post hturtle, this is a pretty new partnership we started this week. Tripashore are new to the Shore Excursion market but has been set up by a former MD of Cunard & MSC so has huge experience of the market, they are concentrating on mainly European cruises for now. Although its been set up for our customers to experience, there is no reason why anyone booked on those cruises they service cant also book via the link. If you follow www.tripashore.com/bolsover you can check out your cruise, its a very easy to use website, much easier than cruise personaliser.
  8. At the minute KaptainKarl we are receiving cabin allocations about 14 days before departure, a couple of days before we receive travel documents.
  9. Good Afternoon All, I would like to back up what Popsicle has said, we will gladly manage this for you and see it as part of our award winning service to you our customers. Give us a call and your dedicated sales consultant will organise this and once we receive proof of your shares they will forward them on to your operator and get the extra OBC added.
  10. Just a quick note to apologise if anyone is waiting to recieve a P&O or Cunard booking confirmation, the operators have a major system error that is preventing them from sending out any invoices to any agents, they are looking at this with the highest priority and i am in constant communication with their systems team awaiting a resolution. Please bear with us whilst we wait for P&O and Cunard to sort this out, then we can resume our normal award winning service. Wayne - Bolsover Cruise Club Administration Manager
  11. Bolsover recommend you use CIBT as the process is easy and problem free through them, we can alway send you up to date packs if you contact us. Two tips for you when applying for these Visas. 1) You can only apply 3 months before entering India or China, it doesnt go from the date you board the cruise, so for full world cruises you should be looking at December before the embassies will accept your application. 2) Shhhh its a secret, Even though both us and P&O use CIBT and the same people process you visa, you will find that our application packs have a much cheaper price, again
  12. that's what the noise is, I thought we had installed a bowling alley above my head
  13. Just add a gallery of the new shop for you all to view, one here as a taster
  14. New Bolsover Cruise Club Shop in Meadowhall Shopping Centre Sheffield
  15. I am sad to read on this posting that someone is unhappy with our service, Customer Service is paramount to us and I feel that our Administration is second to none so it genuinely saddens me when something goes wrong and we fail to deliver this service to our customers. If we have let any customer down then my apologies go out to them. Our ticketing procedure with Cunard and also P&O Cruises is that approximately 12-14 days before Departure date we are sent all e-tickets for Customers who haven’t viewed their own on Cruise Personaliser, if they do view them then the operator assumes t
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