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  1. Which speciality out of the Beach House and Cafe Jardin did you find better on P&O Oceana? or are none of them worth the supplement and just stick with MDR? ....TIA
  2. Personal preference sometimes you've just got to try it and judge for yourself, like a lot say whats amazing for one is terrible for another. x
  3. Hi I am wondering if any cruise lines still offer bridge tours to meet the captain? and if so Are these still free? Thanks
  4. We stayed on the ship when we went as heard it wasnt great but another couple we know decided to get off and go to a shopping centre which they said was ok for a walk around.
  5. Sounds like my sort of tempreture. I swear I wasnt made for the british weather. (I am someone who puts the heating on in summer haha)
  6. I am off on a girly trip on the Celebrity Eclipse in May and am wondering if its worth paying the £36 surcharge to dine in Qsine? We are only on for a couple of nights. Thanks
  7. This brought tears to my eyes. Heartbreaking. I dont know how people learn to cope with the not knowing.
  8. I would definitely say the 'Rome on your own' excursion and then the hop on hop off bus
  9. Alaska is definitely one to tick off the bucket list! I'd love to do it. x
  10. Travel agents tend to offer reduced rates and dont take payment until on the day. I have registered with Bolsover Cruise Club many times and they have always got my first choice.
  11. ooo amazing, I need to do another Caribbean. Been too long!
  12. Anyone here experienced the MSC Yacht Club and wouldnt mind sharing their opinions? Ive read up on the website and it sounds really interesting but finiding it hard to imagine a 'ship within a ship' ?
  13. hahaha! poor people who have this plastered over the internet for life
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