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  1. i think viking may have some serious competition, totally agree the zambezi Queen looks fantastic.
  2. cant wait i love this program.
  3. enrique


    i once won a week to Maritius, it was for a quiz and the final was held there, i some how got a place in the final. didnt win that tho, came 3rd out of 10 so not to bad, got a weeks holiday out of it.
  4. well done! writing a book is not an easy thing to do
  5. it has to be airboating in Belize, feeding crocs and turtles ( the croc had been injured and couldnt hunt his own food)
  6. The thing is we are all going to die one day anyway, so do what makes you happy, life is not a dress rehersal!!!!
  7. i really wish i was, but unfortunatly no.
  8. i never have trouble spending money!!! i could always do with more OBC.
  9. do you get a lounger on the larger balconys or still 2 chairs?
  10. ive never done a world cruise before but seriously considering it for 2016. Would i get fed up being on the same ship for 115 nights, any tips for not gaining at least 3 dress sizes!
  11. enrique


    I would rather do freedom or second, the later I eat the less I drink!
  12. i prefer higher mainly because im nosey and i can see more.
  13. Well, what on earth has happened to the hottest August for over 3oo years we are supposed to be having? Did they not mean this year?
  14. if you add enough vodka or gin etc you wont tell if it is pepsi or coke!!!!!!
  15. it does wind me up when people say flying isnt safe..... its the safest way to travel, the only reason it makes the news when something happens is because so many people are involved. There are probably hundreds of car accidents every day that we just dont know about!!!!
  16. enrique

    Greek Islands

    Well, I have just got back from the Greek Islands and I have never known it so hot, it was a daft dance to get from the sunbed to the pool! the floor was to hot to stand on. Now im deffinatley back to the real world......its raining.
  17. Well, its less than 24 hours until departure and I have still not packed a thing! Busy night ahead I feel..... sun, sand and lots of sun!!!!
  18. Don't worry I'm on holiday next week and the weather is always nice when i go away!
  19. well the cruise ship didnt get any better in its 2nd week, still painful to watch!
  20. i dont think the programme painted the best picture on cruising, it wouldnt make me want to go on any time soon.
  21. Hi has anyone got any news on the heightened security measures that have been put in place for transatlantic flights? Dont know how much extra time to leave to check in.
  22. i can't believe adults dont wash their hands, its just a case of cleanliness, i have seen some women not wash their hands too, i admit i only use hot water but im allergic to most liquid soaps, however my squeezy hand sanitizer is always in my bag and used EVERY time i visit the toilet, people that do not wash are never the ones who get ill!!!
  23. is it really only the older generation that go on river cruises? I quite fancy trying one but dont want to be the youngest onboard by a mile, haha
  24. If I like P&O cruises will i like Celebrity, price seems right but not sure,
  25. off round the greek islands for a week, hopefully lots of sun and ouzo and not many hangovers
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