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  1. Land Ahoy the whales and dolphins sounds amazing. I will defiantly make sure I take that boat trip! Thank you guys! helpful as ever
  2. Hi Guys, iv just booked on board Britannia 25th Nov for 2017 - just wondered if any of you have done this itinery and any recommendations on beaches / restaurants / any hidden away places worth knowing about? Much appreciated in advance. The ports of call would be - Bonaire, Aruba, Grenada, St Vincent, St Lucia, St Maarten, St Kitts, Antigua, Dominica.
  3. I think all pools are around 6ft - cruise ship or not
  4. Did you ever find out what the noise was ALI 05 ?
  5. So I went on a trip to Florida, after the 9 hour flight 2 hour transfer we reached our villa where we had our own private pool, after all the travelling I chucked my swimsuit on an ran for the pool... that was until I was greeted face first with the cleanest patio doors iv ever come across, as you can imagine after face planting the door with quite nearly a broken nose, a sticker was placed on that window for the foreseeable holiday! Doors 1 - Suetoo - 0
  6. Thank you peter! much appreciated, I'll take your advise on board!!
  7. This sounds fabulous i'm doing this myself, can anyone advise the 'MUST DO'S' in Phuket or Ko samui ? I don't want to miss anything .....
  8. Ha ha, that's one way to promote the product, least you could tell they worked eh Harley1 lol
  9. Is it true certain ships are now doing botox onboard ?
  10. I am joining the Ventura cruise on Sunday to Amsterdam and Bruges .. Do you think we will still call in at Bruges as I know they pulled Arcadia from that port not that long back ?
  11. Hi Sammy Sun! Please can I asked the date the £899 price is on and which ship ???
  12. this ship sounds fab from what iv heard not lucky enough to of booked on this JUST yet though - 100% in the pipeline
  13. Can I get off the ship early in Southampton or are the times assigned?
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