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  1. It sounds great! I think i'll definitely take them..they both love Giraffes!!
  2. Has anyone been? What did you think? Wanting to go and take my neice and newphew while they're off, is there plenty of animals to see?
  3. Out of all the ports we're visiting on our first cruise in October, I think i'm looking forward to Barcelona the most!! Has anyone been? What did you think?
  4. Unfortunately I haven't, would love a chance to see them though, it's meant to be amazing!! I think the best chance of seeing them is late autumn to early spring!
  5. Woo! Can bring him home in an hour! that's nearly 24 hours in hopsital for something that took 45mins if that to do! I better get him a large cold lager ready!!
  6. Yesterday after a lovely walk around Rother Valley I thought I'd have a nice relaxing night infront of the TV.. unfortunately my night was spent going backwards and forwards from different hospitals with my partner! From 5pm we spent 2 hours waiting in the Walk-in Centre, to get sent to the Northern General Hospital for 5 Hours to then get sent to the Hallamshire where he's had to stay overnight! We got told he would be put on antibiotics and someone would be there in 10 mins to do this, they took him to a ward and I left him there....5 hours later I got a phonecall, they'd only just turned u
  7. Typical! We're off to the caravan this weekend!!
  8. Rita123


    i've just read about this! why would someone do something like that!?
  9. would love to do a mini cruise on the Anthem of the seas to just have a nosey around the ship! it looks like it's going to be amazing!! will have to wait and see how we feel after our 1st cruise in october!
  10. Rita123

    Greek Islands

    welcome back enrique! hope you've had a lovely time!
  11. Hi guys! on the subject of formal nights etc....how do we find out when the formal nights are? (first time cruisers!) We're sailing in october on the Azura!
  12. I've been without my iPhone for the last week (it's gone in for repairs!) and I feel like i've lost an arm!! Does anyone else feel like the society is starting to rely on technology too much? What happened to good old outdoor games like hide and seek!? and having to go round to friends houses if you wanted to talk?!
  13. Dip in and out when I can! I haven't cruised before but we have got our first one booked for October on the Azura, I find this forum very very helpful! it answers alot of questions I have :)
  14. Hello PopsiB! Welcome to the Forum
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