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  1. GiGi

    Fake reviews ?

    It’s not just a case of fake reviews, there is also an issue of the owners of the establishments putting replies on that are packs of lies. We had a stay at a top branded hotel in London that was packed full of unsatisfactory issues. We were disappointed as we had stayed there three times before without a problem so I put my truthful review on Tripadvisor. The manager then put a reply on that was total lies and made me look like the customer from hell. What tickled me was how he thought he get away with knowing me from a username that is nothing like my real name and also the fact that I never
  2. Our first cruise was on the Oriana and as soon as she set sail it sounded like we had a family of chipmunks in the ceiling of our cabin. Our neighbors got the handyman out and was told there was nothing he could do. That plus the engines failing twice, the first was an eight hour delay in setting sail and the second was suddenly finding ourselves adrift in a fjord with just the emergency lighting. It’s way past time to let the Oriana go.
  3. On our cruise with Viking Ocean cruises the buffet was absolutely amazing. Also because of the small number of passengers thar were spread throughout the two speciality restaurants and the MDR there was never big queues and hoards all fighting to get the same thing. They pretty much served the same dishes as the MDR plus extras so we found ourselves in there most nights.
  4. On our recent trip to Venice we ate at Harry’s Dolce. Two mains, one desert, and a bottle of wine €195. It was ok but nowhere near worth that price. Some work colleagues took their two teenage kids the week after we came home and stopped for a snack, two cans of coke each and a hotdog each, €119. I guess they are making their money before the sea rises and all is lost!
  5. Hi, we haven’t done Alaska personally but our friends did the inside passage. Unfortunately their dream of seeing the fantastic scenery as the travelled was scuppered by persistent fog. I don’t know if this is something that can happen any time or just season specific.
  6. Hi, we are off to the Baltic’s next year with Viking Ocean Cruises. We have three days in St Petersburg. A friend of mine went there years ago and said she did an after hours tour of the Hermetage which was amazing without the crowds. Does anyone know of a company who does this?
  7. Our cruise on the Oriana to see the northern lights in 2916 was full of ‘interesting ‘ incidents. We couldn’t sail away at four because the computerised engine starter failed, it was gone 11 when we set off. Our cabin sounded as if we had a family of chipmunks in the ceiling when we were moving. For the best part of a day you could only use the public toilets. The fix it guys were always dealing with the lifts. And finally, as we were having dinner sailing out of Flam all the lights went out and everything stopped, yes the engines had conked again. It’s way past time the Oriana was retired.
  8. The whole tipping issue is annoying but I always do it. It’s wrong that employees of a company as big as P&O rely upon tips. Our first cruise to see the northern lights was on the Oriana and at the end of it we were not rushing to get on another ship. Our second which we’ve just done with Viking, well we were not back a week and we’d booked another. We will never sail with P&O again and our friends who cruise two or three times a year will never go with them either.
  9. Ok not the Oceana but the meal we had in the Beach house was the best we had on the Oriana. We tried to get back in but it was fully booked for the rest of the cruise.
  10. Oh, I forgot to say that Viking also do not have a problem with you bringing alcohol on board to consume where ever you choose.
  11. We’ve just come back from a Viking Ocean cruise and I think they’ve got it about right. The drinks are included at meal times, there is no charge for the speciality restaurants, teas and coffees are free all day as is 24 hour room service. There is an included excursion in each port if you want it but optional ones at very reasonable prices too. Tips are also included. The bar prices were very reasonable, we’ve never had such a tiny bill at the end of a holiday. When we did the northern lights cruise with P&O by the time we’d paid for excursions and everything else it added up to a c
  12. How odd, I only put a post on the other day asking for peoples experience on Silver Sea as I’d had a call from their sales team after downloading a brochure. It was only a tentative enquiry (but we know how quickly the credit cards can appear!) I think we will give this a miss for now and see how things unfold.
  13. Blimey, there was only two ships in when we went to Dubrovnik and we thought that was bad. That is horrendous!
  14. Hi, I’ve only just come home from a cruise with Viking Ocean and have booked again with them for next year. Out of curiosity I downloaded the brochure for Silversea and they look amazing, of course that prompted a phone call from their sales team. They really pushed the ‘outstanding service’ and the quality food. Has anyone traveled with them and what was your honest opinion?
  15. We have just returned from a two night end of cruise extension in Venice and like you HLM our feeling was ‘nice but seen it now’. I know some people who keep going time after time and can’t quite get it. With regards to the tourists, I think the restaurants would miss the €195 for two mains, one desert and a bottle of wine!
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