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  1. doratheexplorer

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone
  2. doratheexplorer

    New Policy on Alcohol & Dress codes

    A friend of mine will be on a cruise during next years world cup and wondered if they would be able to wear a football shirt if they show the matches on board, any thoughts??
  3. doratheexplorer

    P&O ships decorated for Christmas

    a friend of mine is going on the Oriana 03.12.17 she had an email from P&O saying that the ship would we decorated for her christmas markets cruise
  4. I love a balcony but it does depend on the price I can live without one
  5. doratheexplorer

    Royal Princess March Cruise Review

    I loved Royal princess when I went around the british isles on her a few years ago, I would love to get back on board to see what changes they have made.
  6. doratheexplorer

    MSC from Southampton, good idea or leave well alone?

    Thanks guys this all sounds very positive, and really helpfull
  7. doratheexplorer

    Is this the beginning of the end for dress codes?

    I hope it's not the "beginning of the end" for the dress codes, however there are plenty of cruise lines to choose from at the moment some with more strict dress codes than others
  8. I’m looking at cruises for next year and I read that MSC have got a ship based in Southampton. I’ve seen a few of their ships before when I’ve been in the Med but I’ve never cruised with them. The ships look pristine and their itineraries are nice enough. They’re also going all-inclusive on quite a few cruises next year so they do appeal to me. What puts me off is comments I’ve heard in the past. I was once told “don’t go with them, you’ll hate it. It’s nowhere near as good as P&O and Royal Caribbean.” I’ve sailed with those two lines before and I’ve enjoyed them both but the MSC dates fit well, the prices are good and I am tempted. Has anyone cruised with them before that can offer me some advice? Should I heed the warning or put it to the back of my mind and try them?
  9. doratheexplorer

    Paris by train from Le Havre on Celebrity Eclipse

    hi cruise chef, I went into Paris last year when i was on a Princess cruise, i did an excursion from the ship by coach, i have to admit that it was a very long journey but i thought it was worth it. Having never visited Paris I found that the guide on the coach was great his knowledge about the city was second to none, i saw all of the landmarks i wanted to see and even had time for a lovely lunch in a traditional restaraunt, all in all a great experience. i'm sorry i dont know about the train i will watch this post with interest as it is something i might do if i go to Le Harve again.
  10. doratheexplorer

    Oceana or Azura?

    it's a tough one I have been on both ships and like them both equally, I would have to decide which itinerary i liked the best or as Davidh said toss a coin. good luck making a choice.
  11. it all depends what you like to drink and how much, i decided against buying a drinks package as i dont really drink that much, having said that i did have a couple of drinks each day and even sampled the odd cocktail ( well i was on holiday ) at the end of the cruise my bar bill was about half the price of drinks package i was going to buy.
  12. very interesting, it's good to hear the positive comments, i'm looking forward to trying Britannia for myself later this year.
  13. doratheexplorer

    Norwegian Cruise Line Goes All Inclusive

    i also think it's a great idea i found the drinks on NCL quite expensive
  14. doratheexplorer

    P&O 2019 - Oceana Based In The UAE

    I have recently returned from a similar cruise on the vision of the seas and really enjoyed it. i would certainly think about doing it again especially as its Oceana ( one of my favourite ships ) i would be staying on-board in Khasab though unless they offer something different excursion wise, there was very little to do or see there with Royal caribbean.
  15. doratheexplorer

    'World-class' Entertainment coming to P&O!

    its not for me but i know quite a few people that will love this.