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    I love cruising absolutely hooked and always book a balcony but the no smoking anymore on your balcony is not good. I appreciate that non smokers wouldn't.agree. But is not going to encourage people to discreetly smoke and throw end overboard ? I don't see why they could not keep a number of cabins available for those that do or even cabins on one side of the ship. Feels like we are being penalised.
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    Smoking On Balconies

    Totally agree with the 3 amigos. Why can't we have one side of the ship with smoking balconies P&O It is discrimination in my book. I absolutely love cruising but am beginning to wonder if I have to keep leaving my cabin to go on deck to have a cigarette whether the cruise holiday is worth the hassle. They should re think the decision a.s.a.p !!!