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  1. sheila


    I will do as you suggest Fudge and make no further comment. Would hate to think that I offended anyone.
  2. We must be a similar age Land Ahoy as I bought The Tornado's 2nd release 'Globetrotter' when I was 10 years old.
  3. sheila


    Ooh! Fair point Fudge but I thought that was the idea for a Forum. My mistake. I just tend to disagree with discriminatory practices, so thought I would put in my 2 penn'orth.
  4. It was corrected a few days after my post but believe that was due to Journeyman. I had not realised there was a 'Reported Posts' section otherwise I would have asked directly.
  5. sheila


    I do not think that I have missed the point Fudge. I just feel that the topic has gone on for long enough. Neither do I feel that all smokers are careless when discarding their cigarettes. The only fires I am aware of on ships were caused by electrical problems and not discarded cigarettes. Personally, I have never been bothered by people smoking on their balconies. Smoke has never drifted onto my balcony or into my cabin so, I fail to see what all the fuss is about. Seems like bullying to me. Therefore, I stand by my opinion that smoking should be allowed on balconies. Just out of int
  6. After 20 + cruises, we received our very first upgrade in January from a balcony to a mini-suite. Being on board for 6 weeks, the extra space was really appreciated. However, we realise that this was the 'luck of the draw' and nothing to do with how early we booked. Upgrades should be offered in order of booking. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to receive an upgrade. It does seem unfair sometimes that those who book late deals often receive the upgrade whereas, those who paid the full price, get nothing.
  7. I do not agree with the hefty pricing for single cabins but think that an extra 50% is acceptable in a twin cabin. We have a widowed friend who continues to cruise but seldom manages to get a single cabin as there are so few of them. However, I did meet someone who booked and paid a 'Getaway' fare for her and a friend. When the friend had to cancel at the last minute, the lady ended up with a twin cabin for half the price she would have had to pay had she booked as a single traveller. Food for thought.....
  8. sheila


    Oh! Crikey. Here we go again. I really think that this topic has covered all aspects and should be put to bed. Maybe you should all agree to differ because there is never likely to be a solution that will suit everyone. The same goes for individual behaviours. There are those who think that they are superior to others but in reality, they just lack basic good manners. Each to his own as far as I am concerned and let him/her who is without sin, cast the first stone.
  9. Fantastic Richard. Thank you for sharing your videos.
  10. Think that the idea behind this is to try and stop people arriving before disembarkation is complete. We have frequently seen queues forming before 9.30am. Yet boarding doesn't usually start until around 11.30. Appreciate that many people build in an extra hour or so when driving due to possible traffic problems that may be encountered and may then arrive earlier than expected. But to plan to arrive just after 9 is silly. Suppose there will always be those who spoil it for everyone else.
  11. Naples is as safe as any other city but as Cruise Addict said, the traffic is a nightmare. Pelican or zebra crossings and traffic lights mean absolutely nothing. As our tour guide said, the locals think they are there just for adornment. Cars also frequently mount the pavement to get round other vehicles and the sound of horns is constant. Personally, I feel that a visit to Pompeii, Herculaneum or Capri would be better than struggling with the traffic. Have a great time whatever you decide to do.
  12. An amazing cruise, especially if you are doing the full transit. We arranged breakfast on the balcony to enjoy it from the beginning. Photographers also came to your cabin, on request, to provide the 'all important' shot. However, be careful if you purchase the DVD. The photographers sometimes use previous footage and that spoils the overall image. Quite naughty really. We were following a cargo ship through the Gatun Locks and suddenly switched from one lock to another behind a different ship before reverting back to our original lock. Must have been magic, as we never felt a thing.....
  13. Wonderful comment Terminator. I know it is a sad story but you made me smile
  14. Hello Hudpuppy Agree with Northern Star. Weather can be variable so layers are definitely the key. Consider a waterproof jacket essential in Iceland. Norway is usually pleasant in June. We have never experienced bad weather in Norway but like the UK, anything can happen. Many congratulations to you both and have a wonderful time.
  15. Hello BaLA I understand that there is a company based in Southampton who lease various wheelchairs and deliver them to the cruise terminal. If you contact P&O, they will be able to provide you with the contact details. As others have already said, the crew are very helpful and I am sure that you will not encounter any major difficulties unless you are tendering. Hope you have a wonderful time.
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