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  1. Thankyou for all your replies now I know we have nothing to worry about look forward to sailing on her.
  2. We are due to sail on Oriana in July and was wondering what the ages are of fellow passengers? Keep reading about it being a floating geriatric or hospital vessel,and as I consider us to be youngish at 62 & 61 are we too young to be sailing on her?
  3. We sailed on Ventura in November and took a bottle of wine and a small bottle of whiskey on board.This is the first time we took alcohol on board as in all the years we’ve cruised we didn’t even know you could carry it on.
  4. I totally agree it is bad manners,it's as if people think they can just turn up whenever they feel like it.There should be a cut off time for when you are allowed to enter the theatre that would stop all the stragglers.
  5. Hello, like most of the other replies why should you be able to choose your preferred dining when you haven't paid select price.You knew in advance the t&c so you can't really complain.
  6. I think all cruise lines should include it in the fare then no one would be able to opt out.
  7. Hi we're doing a transatlantic with p&o on 31st October this year were sailing from Southampton then flying back to Birmingham. They're giving us complimentary coach travel.Does anyone know what this is like as we've never done this before and what time do they pick you up from Birmingham?
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