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  1. With Iona being freedom only dining will the restaurants be open for breakfast in the mornings? The reason I ask is breakfast is normally served in the fixed dining restaurant on the other P&O ships I've been on.
  2. Freedom dining has never appealed. We like getting to know our fellow table guest and talking through what we've all done through the day.
  3. We are cruising the end of April into May and will remove out gratuities.
  4. We do the same. Never found and error but It helps to keep a check if any on board credit is left
  5. Rikki

    Iona 2020

    We don't do seven day cruises and a b2b to the same place doesn't appeal.
  6. Sapphire Princess is identical layout to P&O Ventura / Azura with a deck less of cabins. Plenty of out door space and a walkway above the bridge, great for sailing into port.
  7. I've had an e-mail from P&O confirming Oriana is leaving the P&O fleet.
  8. Also on this cruise. Fabulous weather, calm seas and some new ports of call for us. We also like the fixed 8.30 dining. We had a table for six with great table guests, interesting conversations and plenty of laughter.
  9. Taken the plunge and book for Northern lights in February 2020.
  10. One name I've heard on another cruise forum was BIgBertha. It would get my vote.
  11. Just looked through my July 17 to March 19 brochure: P & 0 are cancelling 38 cruises.
  12. I'm booked on the Adonia in April. Will have to wait and see what they have to say. You'd have thought they would have honoured the cruises they had bookings for before selling her.
  13. Adonia is leaving the fleet in March 2018. It's on the P&O facebook page. My cruise in April will be cancelled. P&O or Bolsover will be in touch soon.
  14. Magnets for sticking the horizon newsletter and tickets to the cabin walls.
  15. They do this on the Britannia. I did miss seeing everyone's picture as I walked past the photo gallery. We don't make a habit of buying photographs but if there is a nice one we may.
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