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  1. Luckily we are flying into Vancouver and home from Miami. Thanks for the tip
  2. Hi, we experience a similar experience with EastJet going to Innbruck from Gatwick, the queue was massive, they were calling the flights out to pull us forward for check in. I fly Luton to Edinburgh regularly with Easy Jet and never have a problem there. I think there are just so many Easy Jet flights from Gatwick. They need to get it sorted. It was husbands first experience of Easy Jet and he will never travel with them again. Before I book anything now I check who the carrier will be
  3. Richard I loved your blog. We have just retired this year and are looking forward to spending our `lump sums`, I looked at this cruise, but we did the Baltic on the Queen Vic and we are off to Vancouver in September to do my dream, the panama canal with NCL. Perhaps we will do the P&O cruise next year. Keep up the good work Edna
  4. Hi We are off on a trip 28th September out of Vancouver, through the panama canal to miami. We plan on doing some tours in mexico, costa rica and colombia. Has anyone taken travel vaccination advice? I thought of going to Super drug travel clinic, anyone got any experience of them. Thanks
  5. Hi, Just about to retire and looking at taking few cruises, Looking at the websites there are obstructive view balconies on the Ventura and the Celebrity Elipse, anyone got any experience of these or on any other ships. Thanks Hensteeth
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