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  1. Maddie3

    Can I Take a Travel Iron On Board?

    Who irons on holiday...
  2. Do Florence on you own excurstion - i booked it with cruiseexcurstions.com and it was around £40 each! they provided a coach to and from Florence and allowed you to experiance Florence on your own and do what you like. My friends did a Florence guided tour and said it was too much and they din't get anytime to just relax and enjoy Florence themselves they were taken round loads of art places and it was all very rushed!
  3. Maddie3

    Celebrity On board Credit

    All cruise lines should offer this, it's such a good idea!
  4. Maddie3

    Drinks Prices on Celebrity Eclipse

    I would purchase the classic drinks package, thats what we did when we were onboard! Saved us lots of money as cocktails are quite expensive.
  5. Maddie3

    Wellness Holistic Cruises

    Wow! sounds fab!
  6. Maddie3

    Do you have to pay tips on board?

    Depending on the company but must of the cruise lines you have take them off when you get onboard!
  7. Maddie3

    Evening wear onboard Britannia

    I wear always wear just what you wear on holiday in the evenings to go out for meals so trousers and shirt for men and dresses and nice tops for ladies The formal evenings are dressy! I wear what you would wear for wedding reception. Hope that helps!
  8. Maddie3

    Oceana WOW!

    She was much bigger than I imagined. Oceana was certainly not looking old or tired, yes the ship is an older ship however she has been well maintained. Before I travelled I received an email from P&O making me aware that there was going to be work and maintenance ongoing during my cruise. I did not notice this at all during my holiday. I didn't feel there was any work that needed doing maybe an odd lick of paint here or there but that’s it! The pool area was lovely, a lot bigger than I thought it would be. There was also an adult only pool area which I loved as it was a little bit quieter. The restaurants were stunning, I was on freedom dining which was situated in the Liguarian Restaurant, the restaurant was stunning. It was very traditional and classy. The main thing I loved about Oceana was the atrium, it is beautiful. It really was the heart of the ship, I feel on the newer ships they have lost the heart of the ship and they are more like hotel lobbies. Oceana atrium is the complete opposite to them, the atrium was beautiful and very well laid out. Oceana has definitely become my favourite ship! I chose this cruise for the itinerary and not the ship. I thought the ship was going to be small and to be frank quite boring and boy was I wrong! I much preferred it to the bigger, new ships as you feel like you are in a hotel and not a ship. I really loved the product that P&O offer, I love that they are a British company and are tailored to the British market as the entertainment is really fantastic. For example, whilst I was on Holland America Line last year I went to see a comedian and didn't find him funny at all whereas on Oceana I went to see a gentleman called Tony Wallace and could not stop laughing, I saw him twice! Plus, the headline shows were really good! The itinerary was fantastic, each destination we travelled to me and my friend Beth must have said to each other every time 'This is my favourite so far'. Honestly an amazing holiday!!
  9. Maddie3

    Harmony VS Titanic

    I love that picture! When you watch titanic it looks huge!
  10. Maddie3


    Woo well we all know what to do now with that extra on-board credit!
  11. I can't wait to plan my next year holidays!!!!
  12. Over the past few weeks all my mum has been doing is moaning about the cold weather! With her birthday and mothers day coming up i thought how lovely it would be to book her a week in the sushine! So i decided to look online and found many wonderful cruises however very pricey as my mums a single passanger! I then came across Britannia on the 12 of March for 13 nights, sailing back from Caribbean! Direct Manchester flights and a balcony cabin for just £799!!!! What a deal!
  13. Maddie3

    The Cruise On ITV

    Haven't watched it yet! Very excited!!!!