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  1. well deserved;. fab entertainment.
  2. I have just been on Ventura, had a fab time. I agree defo worth trying the beach house!!!
  3. the handbags were brill on ventura - may have treat myself!!!
  4. lel6689

    Sun Beds

    i have just returned from a p&o cruise and this is definatly really annoying, they say not to reserve beds but people were putting towels on beds then going off the ship during the day to get back on later in the day meaning that there was lots of beds just taken with peoples towels. really rude! also i found that families reserved beds for all of them so a family of five would have five beds but the children were in the kids clubs or the pool so not actually using the beds at all. people need to be a little more thoughtful
  5. hi i have just returned from ventura and agree they could really make use of breakers bar in the evenings and it is a shame they don't have more going on up there
  6. just returned and if you ask for coke they have the bottles which are a little more expensive so you can still have either
  7. i have just returned from a p&o cruise on ventura, i did the freedom dining buit have never done club, i found the service brilliant very quick and efficient
  8. is the wine with meals complimentary with p&o
  9. lloks amazing and the dining looks something else!!!
  10. i think a mini cruse would be ideal to get an idea of cruising
  11. does anyone know what the charge is to dine in east as i am travelling soon and will go in there for a meal
  12. i booked princess and just returned it was brilliant would recommend
  13. as long as they can add some malibu to it for me in the evening id happily drink either ;-)
  14. hi i am doing ventura for the week, its a shame they dont really offer just day passes as i would definaltly look at booking this but wouldn't want to commit myself for the entire trip
  15. ive only ever heard good reports about arcadia, you will love it!
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