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  1. Loved it! Although it was my first crusing experience. We went with my 60+ parents who are regular cruisers who have been on Princess, Celebrity X, Ocean Village and P&O to name a few!!! They liked the 'relaxed' feel with NCL pride themselves on but missed they 'dressing up nights'. We didn't mind the ugly exterior..you dont notice it when your on the ship anyway The interior is lovely and easy to find your way round. The staff were amazing an mum commented that they were the best they have ever experienced on a ship. Even though I am 40 next year I enjoyed the massive waterslides and the climbing wall We never got to see the circus but we went to see the Blue Man Group who were truely amazing and sooo funny! Give it a try!
  2. Sailed from Barcelona and cruised around the Med for 7 nights on the Epic, NCL. Our first experience was so fantastic we had to experience another cruise ASAP! We went with our parents who like the NCL but perfer the 'traditional' cruising eperience more but they did say they woudl use NCL again without hesitation. We have booked with Princess this time as I hear they are very good.
  3. Weizy

    The Best And Ugliest Cruise Ships

    Yes yes yes...ok... So the Epic is not the most attractive ship but what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in so many other ways. I really enjoyed the Epic when we were on it Sept '13. The staff were amazing and I was seriously impressed with the attitude towards cleanliness! When your not the ship you don't notice the 'ugliness or graffiti'. So please don't let you put this off.
  4. Hiya Just introducing myself - I am a bit new to this forum malarky! This will be our 2nd cruise booked with Bolsover Cruise Club - we were recommended by several family members on both sides so they are clearly doing their jobs right! We are traveling with Princess Cruises, Emerald in September. 11 nights sailing from southampton to spain, maderia and the canaries. EEK! Marie