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  1. Hi Did the baltic two years ago. Did not do the two day tour. Did a trip to ballet, and a tour on each day. Heard no one complaining about the two day tour nor about individual cruises. As you will appreciate - it is all down to personal preferences at the end of the day. Personal favourite trip was one taken under our own "steam" by going down to Helsinki town and taking a trip to a small island on which the armed forces were on e stationed. Now being developed as a visitor attraction.
  2. Hello all have booked an upgraded seat for a flight to Barbados in November this year. Do you have to pay to reserve a seat on top of what has already been paid or is it included within the premium cost already paid? Flight is with Thomsons on a charter.
  3. Hello Always a tricky topic is tipping - just as it is ashore. I'll just say what I do. I go to reception at P&O and ask them to halve the automatic rate. That rate is then dispersed around the crew which I am comfortable with - being certain from past experience that service will be spot on with almost all staff. The other 50% I hold back and who I give that to depends on service given. My reasoning is "I prefer to choose who I tip - but I cannot individually tip all staff"
  4. Hello Forum Thinking of upgrading seat for Caribbean fly cruise. The extra legroom is what I seek but I see that extra luggage allowance applies. Can anyone tell me how much extra luggage allowance please. Thank you
  5. Thinking of taking earlier than usual cruise next year. Second half of May being considered and a trip to western Mediterranean We like to do a little sunbathing on deck and so wonering if this is doable in late May whilst on sea days. I know the good old weather changes and in many ways is unreliable but would value any cruisers feedback on their past experiences.
  6. Hi Can you still get tickets for a launch shuttle service from ship to Near St Marks square in Venice. If so how much are they now? Thanks for help
  7. Hi My memory is failing and I cannot remember the cost of the trip to Rome entitled Rome on your own. Also does anyone know cost of the train version called Shuttle and Roma train. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi My memory is failing and I cannot remember the cost of the trip to Rome entitled Rome on your own. Also does anyone know cost of the train version called Shuttle and Roma train. Thanks in advance
  9. It is no problem. Except may e one for those men under about 5ft 8in. The urinals in the airport in the toilets near the exit are very high up the wall. Sorry to lower the tone
  10. Hello Going on Aurora shortly. Deciding wherher to pre buy an internet package before joining ship. I have been caught out in past when prices on board are cheaper than pre purchasing. Can anyone advise me what prices are being charged on board at present for a package of about 300 minutes. I know prices are steep and so would just prefer postings to address package prices Thank in advance
  11. Just returned from a 7 day trip. Oceana was a little tired but cannot fault staff or cleanliness. Luggage also some time coming but large numbers joined when we did, so not unreasonable. Would happily book on her again next year
  12. It is a few short years ago that P&0 increased prices as oil prices rose. A trigger was $70 a barrel. Oil is now $50 a barrel. Prices for cruises this year would have been set at a figure When oil was in excess of $100 a barrel. I feel that similar arrangements to a few years ago should be put in place whereby extra OBC is given to offset the financial benefits P&O will receive. Looks like share price has increased 10% or more on the back of extra profits which will accrue from low oil prices. I know there will be lots of different preferences passengers will have to receive any fin
  13. Hi. It may be wise to wait and see what happens. Various possibilities come to mind. New tags may have barcodes enabling luggage to be placed in small areas for collection rather than the need to trawl through many rows. I shall be intrigued by the quicker boarding promise. My experience is that the hold up is getting through security - bit of a pain but I do not object to being protected. Another improvement may be to register credit cards pre cruise. In recent years I have not really experienced any delay of worth
  14. Hello All This part of the forum is stunningly quiet. What are we all up to? Why not have a little innocent fun? How about some jokes - not too rude ones. ....... Corny ones definitely acceptable. Reason I suggest this is that I have not heard a good joke for ages!
  15. Primark tipped for the clothing concession
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