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  1. It is a lovely ship and I am sure you will be delighted when you board.  For ladies it is a real chance to dress up, the majority of passengers really go to town and I pack my cocktail and formal dresses as I know I will not feel overdressed.


    They have some very interesting guest speakers with varied topics so you may want to look out for them on your daily program.  Try the Golden Lion Pub at lunch time for the very good fish and chips and you will find many quizzes in here as well if that is something you like doing.


    No need to take books with you as there is a stunning two deck high facility with a spiral staircase and every genre of book you could want.


    They have some fun things to do as well, for example fencing lessons which was an opportunity to try something new.


    I hope you have a wonderful cruise...Carol

  2. Hi Jenjen, the beauty of using the tour companies is that you are covered by their visas for you. You are quite right that you cannot just go ashore without a visa which I understand is expensive.

    The canal trip sounds like a nice activity and not strenuous at all and I am partial to coffee and cake..Carol

  3. I joined the forum some time back but have never posted, it is about time I didsmile.png


    Can I jump in at the deep end and ask for some advice.  We are on Eclipse next July with a two night stay in St Petersburg and I know many cruisers use the private companies for tours. Alla is one that crops up quite a bit and so does SPB anyone have any advice if one is better than the other?


    I am also concerned that they are very full days and we will be totally exhausted, so again if anyone has any better ideas of what we could do to enjoy the experience without being too tired.


    In the past we have used Celebrity's tours and so have been to Catherine's Palace (twice) and the Church of the Spilled Blood plus the Hermitage. 


    Any hints and tips would be most gratefully received and I look forward to contributing to your forum...Carol

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