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  1. People disappear from forums for a variety of reasons.  I'm still here but haven't posted because I found my position untenable.  There was a coterie who encouraged and backed up the posts of a ringleader (who was subsequently banned).  It was sport to them - a game, which only ended in the banning of the ringleader.  No more sport was to be had and they move on. 

    At best, it is possible that absent members may have been one and the same person, (sock puppets); another possibly left because his pal was banned.  Others may have passed away but one is still alive and kicking and talking about this very thread on his blog.  At worst, the novelty of a new forum wears off and they lose interest. 

  2. This could have been a good thread but I think people lost interest when its predecessor became a one sided exchange. Pointless posting really. Turtle, according to the person without whom you see no point in staying, he gives a completely different reason for his departure on his blog so you've made him look rather silly. Anyway, if you only wanted to talk to one person then you best close the door on your way out.

  3. I totally agree.


    SR is now banned along with a few other members as far as I can see so, can we now please 'Let it go!"

    I would be interested to know if you ever asked him to 'let it go' ? The OP posted a view about a banned member and other members have posted their views.

    He continued to behave thus because he was allowed to. I am disillusioned with Admin because he wasn't banned for persistently mounting his skewed vendettas but because he did not obey the request to cease.

  4. I am shocked that a group of adults can say they have been 'attacked and abused', I don't believe in internet trolls because everyone chooses to log into the forum and read the posts. If you don't like what you see go onto another post, or another forum, or close down the computer! I don't know how people can have such strong feelings about what someone you don't know has typed onto a keyboard. There are real problems in this world and don't understand why people get so heated about words on a screen.

    That's your view but why should anyone have to not log on or leave a forum because someone cannot and will not cease the vendetta they are carrying out against their chosen targets? He would have carried on his vendetta forever on this forum but he will have been asked to stop but he clearly refused to comply. Your attitude is not dealing with the source! Why should anyone scuttle away in the face of unacceptable behaviour? Eliminate the source and you eliminate the problem. It's a shame it didn't happen sooner.

  5. I don't think people understand what it is like to be targeted, stalked, vilified and denigrated by someone hellbent on a crusade. One hears and reads so much about internet trolls but here we had one in our midst. All people cared about were the pics and reviews, it wasn't happening to them, so they didn't care. Everyone should have cared about what they were witnessing. I admit that arguing on here about what has been and written on that blog and elsewhere wasn't right, but the fact is that if he had been censured at the outset it would not have continued ad nauseam. It is human nature to defend oneself but some members telling those defending themselves against yet another snipe to let it go whilst not taking him to task was wrong. I would rather they had denounced and condemned him - he who created the problem in the further place. He made good sport out of his chosen targets without conscience or fear of consequences and I am glad that he has gone.

  6. Firstly, there was banter between individuals but what I and others experienced was not banter. I must conclude that comments made by the now banned members yesterday (?) violated assumed issued warnings thereby resulting in a ban. I echo Dancing Queen's remarks towards OWT - and I for one do not feel that any amount of photos and reviews excuses the abuse he directed at those he chose to abuse without a care fir the membership. He thought that his photos reviews and experience made him untouchable.. He questioned my integrity, spoilt my use and enjoyment of this forum and that is indefensible in my book.

  7. OWT. I have not logged in, or posted here for some time because I was persistently harassed and distressed by Solent. He called me, and others, liars, as well as other forms of denigration, something to which you were never subjected and of which you have no experience. Every attempt I made asking him to cease were ignored. I do not know the circumstances of his banning but trust that Admin felt justified in taking this action. I am disappointed that you appear to place more importance on reviews and photographs more than how some individuals were not afforded the same courtesy extended to you.

  8. I don't like the reclining seat but if it is there people will use it and they are not doing anything wrong. Preventing someone from using the recline function is wrong. People should complain to the airline about the provision of reclining seats in an already cramped space.

  9. I often wonder who these rude people are - it's never anyone on any forum I've belonged to! Not sure about the reclining of the seat - they are not doing anything wrong - but allowing a child to kick the seat in front is wrong. I don't like the jumps-out-of-their-seat-before-the-aircraft-stops person. Why can't they do as they are told? They're the sort of folk who would trample you to death in an emergency. They also probably break the speed limit too. I pet hate is people standing in front of the painted line at the luggage carousel. The line is there for a reason!

  10. Regarding security, it must be more of a risk telling everyone your movements if you live in a remote area with no neighbourhood watch etc. and it must be a less or non-existent risk if one lives in a gated community or high rise apartment with keypad entry.

  11. We have enjoyed the shows we have seen on P&O - I remember a Cirque de Soleil type show, as well as the usual West End musical Offerings. One American ship had an old style variety show with magician etc. which was popular. I think the ship troupes do well. I remember one afternoon there was an interesting talk in the theatre with the Headliners when they did a question and answer session and I discovered the trick of their quick costume changes. Another show had Paul Merton and friend making sketches out of comments thrown from the audience. Very clever. I haven't cruised for a while but presumably pax will feed their views on the entertainment back to the line so that they can tailor the ships entertainment accordingly.

  12. I know for a fact Ron a friend who is Director of HR for a large international company before employing a member of staff start by putting the applicants name into Google. This will often show what groups a person is a member of . They also check Facebook, Friends Re-United and various other sites. There is a lot of information out there, its just a matter of knowing where to look. ;)

    Times change and things move on. The Internet is a wonderful tool. The employer scenario is another tool with which to vet and check out applicants. Even on Facebook things will show up on one's newsfeed unless you configure your settings so it doesn't. Regarding telling everyone when you will be on a cruise, I wouldn't do it but perhaps those that do have measures in place to ensure their property is safe.

  13. As a web designer I find the site poorly designed and, basically, tacky. scrolling through the main page, which takes far too long to get to the bottom, indicates that the last update was in 2014 and related to trips. Moving round the site was not easy and, if I produced such a site, I would expect my clients to either refuse to pay or go elsewhere for maintenance.

    I still say that many of the photos are taken from elsewhere or the site receives payment in some kind (free cruises) to market cruises.

    I must say I will not be visiting the site again as I prefer something more professional, genuine and with greater integrity.

    That's fine, no problem with that. But what I do have a problem with are members giving an opinion on something others are responding to because they cannot be bothered to read the blog which would demonstrate the point they are making regarding that which continues on here albeit in a cloaked fashion, but here nonetheless, goading baiting comments which should be removed immediately. In view of recent invitations to those critical members - who are so quick to judge the respondents to this endless crusade - to read the blog for themselves, the offensive diatribes have now probably been removed so that the author is not hoist by his own petard.

  14. Captain Kidd. You are wrong. The blog in question is updated regularly as seen fit by the author. You can read these updates for yourself if you take the trouble to scroll past the lengthy 'background' - which is biased of course. I have said it before and will say it again, anyone who cannot be bothered to read the blog properly for themselves what has been written, unless if course it has recently been removed, is not entitled to make uninformed comments about the matter.

  15. Tumbling, there is nothing wrong per se in an individual 'hogging the limelight' as it were. Indeed his information and knowledge is interesting to fellow cruisers. However, in spite of the volume of his posts, the constant digs and swipes at particular people made by this person should not be allowed to continue. If there were no antagonistic and goading jibes from this person, there would be no responses. And if everyone read the blog in question, they would understand exactly what is going on and what is still going on ad infinitum from this person on this forum. Silence the source and you will have a happy forum.

  16. Let's give Tally the complete picture! Firstly, it is not what happened in another forum, it is what is currently happening and continues to happen on his blog and his continual unsolicited goading of others whenever and wherever he gets a chance.

    In true Bullying fashion, the Bully turns victim.

    The following should clarify a lot for many:


    It does not make for enjoyable reading, actually it gives an insight into what a sad man he is.

    Of course he has to be on his very best behaviour on this forum, there are very few left that will have him. However, he does not even abide by this, because he uses this forum to post sleights, innuendo etc. directed at his targets that only his target understand while the rest of the membership cannot see it.

    He has recently made reference to coffee pods, lost luggage, high end cabins - all referencing a recent cruise taken by one of his targets. To the uninitiated it all appears kosher, to his targets he is using this space to goad them!

    Your post tells the truth but sadly I doubt that any action will be taken against the forum's top poster.

  17. Fudge - for information, I have already reported the comments on this and another thread to admin several days ago but note that nothing has happened. Perhaps the delay is due to tat thing called Christmas. My whole point is that if the bickering continues and there is no intervention by the moderators then the pleasure in this forum is deminished.

    I hope you made your feelings and the impairment of the forum clear to the moderators. However, I doubt they will take any action against the forum's top poster. And there you have it.

  18. Can you all end this squabble now before it goes into 2016! I only hope the forum admin give some new rules which stops such petty bickering for the new year otherwise I, for one, may well stop partaking in this group.

    I enjoy the genuine information and social pleasantries but hate the back biting, goading and unpleasant verbal abuse given by some members of the forum. Please take that type of nasiness to somewhere like Facebook.

    Instead of threatening to leave the group (which the protagonists won't give a damn about) might I suggest you study where the sniping comments are coming from in the first instance and contact admin with your concerns.

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