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  1. Thanks for the info Midshipman, but I knew P&O Ferries were owned by DP WORLD. Ther is no smoke without fire,but I will keep what I know to myself.
  2. I believe P&O are one ofthe cruise lines that were intrested intrested would save fuel and most cruise pasengers live in the midlands, north, Scotland and Northern island. Much easier than travelling down south.P&O have a huge Ferry Terminal in Hull and have a good relatoinship with Kingston upon Hull City Council. Just let me point out I am not from Hull just know that feelers have been put out to construction firms.
  3. HUll are planing a brand new cruise terminal, car parks and reguired maine works for the largest cruise ships. A63 dual cariageway right to the terminal already exists straight off the M62, so easy journey than through the streets of Southampton. It will not replace Southampton but compliment it. Few years in the future though
  4. Carnaval group are selling 6 ships
  5. I heared a rumour P&O were looking at Hull, plenty of deep sea berths there and on the end of M62 ideal for Scandinavia
  6. I heared a romour that P&O were looking at Hull
  7. Not surprised I was on the Azura last christmas and the staff were very unhelpful and did not care. Britannia in October where the staff can't do enough for you
  8. Booked at the Holiday Inn with free parking for 15 days and free taxi to and from terminal. always safe
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