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  1. Hi All I havent been on here for a while. Has anyone heard any more information about The Iona? I havent seen/heard much since the name reveal., other than going on sale this autumn.
  2. I agree the drinks package still looks great value. I enjoy the latte's with a slice of something sickly.
  3. There was a 'drinks on us' campaign but i think it was onboard spend so you could buy your drinks, i might be getting it mixed up with another companies offers though. I thought the only drinks packages with Cunard was a soft drinks one (quite recent) and the bottles of wine. I love Mary2 when we went last year with our 4 yr old daughter, she loved it too. Definately didnt feel a class system.
  4. Interesting to read that you have paid an enormous deposit. has your agent asked for large deposits to cover other elements of your holiday that they may not have booked as a package?? The loss of deposit for the celebrity cruise should still be £150pp. I would look into this and ask the agent. Maybe you could transfer to soemthing else. The most secure packages are when its all booked through Celebrity. If they have done it any other way they should have advised you before booking. You could be tied in to all different conditions. I've heard this happening to others.
  5. I cannot think of anything. The mind is just blank, PR stunt or not . I am of the younger generation and i hope they are going to take a few tips from Royal Caribbean to fill the ship with new and exciting things. I don't think a larger version of Britannia would work. I get a little disappointed with the P&O entertainment, they need to move with the times and i'm hoping this ship will be how.
  6. love your post jenjen. I too have heard many an exaggerated story onboard. Why they do it i do not know??
  7. The weather isnt looking too great for the weekend, but its about 25 degrees today!!! I'm sure a drop of rain won't spoil our fun. Looking forward to seeing the Britannia again.
  8. Hi All There are 11 lovely ladies including myself (the hen), on Britannia this weekend. I am in the middle of making a list of what to pack. Why does a short break feel just as stressful as a 14 night break? Or could it just be the pre wedding nerves starting to creep in?
  9. Anyway annieamh I am actually more interested to read what you thought of the ship, good and bad points???
  10. graphstar, believe me its not when i'm at home
  11. Ah, I see. Im the opposite on a cruise. I can't wait to get up
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