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  1. I have noticed more and more with P&O Cruises that they seem to offer you a paid upgrade - and they are not a lot of money
  2. So I'm due to travel on the Britannia 08th Dec to Barbados - do I really need to be at the airport four hours before. I have pre booked my seats so surely three hours would be acceptable? - Advice please - Can't wait for the sunshine!
  3. I would be interested to see what you think to Regent - I too have not had the pleasure but I have been with Azamara Cruises - fabulous and again all inclusive - except for shore excursions - all drinks and grats and nothing to pay for speciality restaurants however you are restricted to how many times you can eat in them. My husband and I loved the product and the service was the best we have ever had lots of nice touches like a cold flannel given out round the pool along with a sorbet to cool down - excellent service and no formal nights. I read the feature in the Bolsover magazine and I mu
  4. OMG be grateful that they are shaking the entertainment up - I think it would be great and what a refreshing change - I can only assume that you prefer RCC and NCL as their entertainment is more visual? Everyone likes something different and they cant please everyone - it is so annoying seeing pretty much the same thing from one P&O cruise to the other. I think the only thing wrong here is that the two cruises they are appearing on are kids holidays and the venue for the appearance os over 18 only - just saying.
  5. This is called Mall of the Emirates - its amazing and a cheap way to experience snow boarding - its the only indoor snow experience that has a black run!!!! - Im not into shopping can you tell x
  6. I think that it is just the Cruise Lines that are doing something? Does'nt seem too different to their 'Saver Fares'?
  7. This is surprising - I can't even recall how many times I have sailed back to Southampton and have never been stopped - honest face I guess
  8. It would have been a bonus if I'd taken an extra frock! No disappointment at all - my question is did anyone else know before embarkation - Cunard claim that a notification was either sent or emailed to all passengers around mid December - if I and the three other couples were'nt aware it tells me nobody else was aware???
  9. So I have just returned from the Queen Victoria cruise V601 which travelled over New Year. Had a great time (sorry Ventura pax - heard you didnt get to Amsterdam NYE), however the only let down was that the amount of formal nights had changed from just one to two - was not prepared and a little miffed!!! Did any of my Cunard friends know about this change before they left - I am sure it was not just me as travelled with three other couples not all of us booked at the same Agency and none of us were aware???
  10. Well done Richard - proud of what you are doing! Oh and well done to your daughter and her partner Fudge - I am sure that all the monies collected are much appreciated! Now everyone needs to get a grip and stop poking at each other!!!!
  11. So this weekend I was sat in a pub in Whitby enjoying the rugby - well done England - I'm not a massive fan but midely interested - my friend is a huge fan and is currently on the Azura - she has just text me to say that they are not showing the games?? I thought that P&O did this as a matter of course - am I wrong - who chooses?
  12. Do any of you know why this is not going to Jacksonville - is the bridge story true?
  13. Ive stood behind a chap arguing with the staff before he even got on the ship as using the hand gel meant he had to put his bags down - I have to say the other 'ship mates' did make sure that they gave him an evil stare as they got on - I repeat everything that has already been said 'ITS FOR THEIR OWN GOOD' just do it!!!!
  14. So I thought I was being clever booking a gurantee cabin on a late deal with P&O - I wasnt bothered about all the silly rules regarding dining and buses - but didnt think that I would end up right at the front of the ship nearly dangling off the edge in what i think is a rather poor cabin - and it doesnt matter how many time Ive booked before - the rules are the rules apparently - is this the norm?
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