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  1. I too find Fred Olsen tend to have the best deals on single cabins and you get the benefit of Fred's wonderful service.Also that double cabins for single occupancy are often better value than single cabins which tend not to have balconies. Some cruise lines offer deals late in the season for "no extra cost" single cabins, but these are generally not the best positioned cabins and sometimes are interior ones.
  2. Just back from fabulous holiday on P and O Azura to Greece and the Greek Isles. Fabulous weather for 15 of 17 days, shame about the return over the BAy of Biscay and the unexpected violent weather in Zakinthos. Well done to the Captain for keeping us all safe in difficult situation.. Found Azura very comfortable, cabins spacious and plently of wardrobe space. Plenty to do and well organised excursions.On the downside, there were no quiet areas of the ship ,even the library was open to music from the atrium. I also found 3,500 odd people a bit too much! Think I prefer Arcadia and smaller ship
  3. My experience on all the cruise ships ios that some people just don't bother and walk into the dining room without using the hand gel and where there are children they are not encouraged by parents to use the gel. I was on Royal Caribbean a few years ago and they had goen through an outbreak on the previous cruise. The staff were constantly wahing the hand rails, the tables and even the the arms of chairs. At every opportunity there was gel, but still some people walked past. It is common sense that where a lot of people are together, that hand and general hygeine has to be of utmost importanc
  4. There should be formal nights where everyone dresses up. To me it is part of the fun of cruising. If anyone really hates the idea there are other choices of cafe/restaurant on the formal nights.
  5. I like to arrive around 12 noon. My journey to Southampton takes around 2 hours but the A27 is notorious for accidents and I would hate to be delayed and worrying about time. I read that soem cruise lines are going to restrict boarding until your given time. I think this is ridiculous. What do you do at a termainl like Southampton, other than go to IKEA. Surely better to have everybody on board than having loads of people turn up at alst minute because they have been delayed
  6. I love formal nights, it is part of the attraction of cruising, but I wish the rules were enforced. Twenty years or so ago, no dinner jacket,no formal dining. Now nobody seems to care if someone turns up in a sprts jacket
  7. I have tried Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Perhaps I am old fashioned but I like Fred Olsen- Balmoral, No children, formal dressing and just a general air of being cocooned in good service. Used to like P and O but food last time let it down. Am trying with them again this year....... Of course there is always Hurtigruten - different experience, but a fabulous one.
  8. I am disapponted that the semi formal nights are stopping. Part of the enjoyment of a cruise for me is dressing up and while, as pointed out, you can dress up, it is not the same unless everyone does it. Perhaps they should swap semi formal for formal
  9. I think it is a shame that the formal nights are being "down graded" To me half the fun of cruising is dressing up. Nothing looks better than a dining room full of people who have mad an effort to look glamorous
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