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    What Is A "must Do" On Celebrity Eclipse?

    Having sailed on the Eclipse several times now and currently have three more cruises booked, I can only advise you to take a step back and enjoy the flow. There is so much to do on board, that to be honest a short break will not allow you to experience all of the wealth of opportunities available, but it will leave you wanting more. We always attempt to get on board early and while the luggage is being sorted, go to the Mast Bar to relax. From there you will be able to get a feel of the general ambience and the high standard of service, which pervades across the ship. Indeed a major selling point about Celebrity. Take your time to stroll down to your stateroom using the Services Guide as you would an AtoZ. This gives you a complete guide to all the facilities. In your stateroom you will then find a copy of Celebrity Today, which when combined with your guide will assist with your planning. We have sampled all of the Speciality Dining venues across the fleet, but have to say that we love the food and service in the Moonlight Sonata. For other cruise companies, this would be a speciality venue. So, before dining its either the Sky Lounge if you like to enjoy the view, the Passport Bar if you like a quiet drink, or our favourite destination the Ensemble Lounge for a mixture of elegance and music. After diner its a show, followed by the Martini Bar, followed by the following day! Other points of interest are the Mast Grill, for the best burger around and the Café Al Bacio, for goof coffee and cake. Enjoy and make sure that you sign up as Celebrity Club members. I am sure that you will be back again!
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    Smoking On Balcony

    Totally agree with Rodkins9.