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  1. Well they cancelled my 22 day repositiong cruise to dubai this Oct. so we are now doing two weeks in the Caribbean but have also booked on Oceana for the repositioning cruise next October.another 22 day one. suez is something ive always wanted to do so second time lucky hopefully. thank you Amber fot all the help sorting things out
  2. five years ago and now back on her deluxe balcony only a couple of months to go
  3. always booked holidays be they a cruise or beach holiday on the premise of see it like it book it knowin full well prices can rise and fall. never go searching in the weeks after and then moaning if the price drops. I got the holiday I wanted at the price I was prepared to pay. that's it.
  4. We had one of the balconys right at the rear overlooking the stern. We had B169 The benefit of those are the size of the balcony its twice the size and because of the wasy the decks are you have half the balcony ( the half nearest your door) covered by the deck above then the rest is open ,two sun loungers and still room to put a couple of towels down and lie down getting the sun. yes they are that large hope that helps
  5. Dont like the idea of the wristband/ watch idea. If we go on an all inclusive we pick one where everyone is inclusive so no need for a band, cruise card no problem at all also cruise cards just the same as your door key in a hotel
  6. No problem leaving the auto tips on . we did so with our last cruise April /May on Arcadia, and our Steward, both waiters and the wine waiter got some extra. but there again we had been looked after by four really good friendly guys who even though they were obviously rushed off their feet still found the time to us. what we did find out talking to them was the amount of jobs other than just the restaurant the waiters do and as for the Cabin stewards its 20 cabins in the morning then other jobs then late afternoon and evening its back to the 20 cabins. so nope we do not begrudge payi
  7. You must have been unlucky, we have returned from the same cruise, our cabin was spotless it was a balcony one overlooking the wake at the stern, a great job done by our cabin steward. we dined in the MDR on a table of eight had two wonderful guys looking after us Edaward and Andrino also a good wine waiter all attentive and had time to talk to us. Even got the wife different vegatables on more than one occasion. And on the last formal night got the wife a different meal as there was nothing she liked on The menu. yes there was the smell that emminated from the extractor on the starb
  8. Dan it was a few years back, sorry, if we saved the paperwork will send you details . Only help i can give is have a good read of what each of the excursions state they include and pick the one you think is best suited to what you wish to see and do, have a great cruise and enjoy Rome we did and want to go back for a weekend and see more on our own
  9. they do one that includes entry to St Peters and the Sistine chapel you enter via the museum and actually pass most of the queues then you go through the chapel and onto then into the Basilica itself. we did that the first time then next cruise did a walking tour which included the Colosseum and the forum we were then left some time to do our own thing and went and looked at a couple of the other site the pantheon and the tivili fountain made our way to the pick up point which was in the long street in front of St Peters hope that may of been some slight help
  10. No Thanks, we had one taken on a formal night on our first cruise, and thats it. always say no thanks when leaving the ship. dont need one with a lift belt in the frame. one thing that I definately do not like is when they come on the prowl around the dining rooms you are having a nice conversation over a meal and them you get them asking if you want your photograph taken. Thats a huge No No with me
  11. I would like to know the difference berween being allowed to take a couple of bottles of wine aboard or a bottle of malt, to have in your cabin, in some cases a good wine costs more than the malt. And if having a go at me for stating i take a bottle on board thank you , i knock up a fair spend by using the bars on board and also a fair selection from the wine list
  12. We have done Four previous and this will be our fith, we have found the food reasonable for the cost we pay and found even the plated meals acceptable, never gone hungry. Some of the comments remind me of our first cruisevon Aurora, the wife had gone ashore and i was sitting reading a book when I overheard an old gent sitting close by complaining to one of the officers about the declining stadards, he was most put out that his cabin steward no longer cleaned his shoes or shined his brass biuttons on his blazers " not like the old days" was one of his comments.i couldnt help laughing.
  13. So you now have to pay to watch a show on board, oh great, looks like an evening for me in Andersons or the crows nest,
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