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  1. Are P&O considering changes their current drinks policy? Half way through our recent cruise We suddenly had our cabin fridge stocked with a mini bar together with a price list. This leads me to question if a change of policy is to follow. At present P&O allow passengers to bring alcoholic drinks on board provided they reasonable in quantity and that all drinks are consumed in your cabin. Anyone know about any future changes
  2. Hi all our favourite port was in the Azores when due to strong cross winds our ship failed to dock at Horta and was redirected to a place called Praia da Vitoria in the Azores. This was 2015 and the place was amazing it was the first time P&O had called at this small but very quaint island. We had an amazing welcome from the locals who danced in the streets dressed up in costumes and played music. Everyone on our ship was so impressed we this little place that the captain contacted Head Office to report on our findings. I am pleased to say that P&O have this port listed for future port
  3. High all although the wife and I have cruised for more than 18 years this is the first time we have joined the forum, we hope to share with you our experiences and learn from yours
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