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  1. I did the rcci cruise in January and we took local currency the Dirham and we also paid for our hop on hop off bus tickets when we were on board and it was credited to our on board account
  2. I also watched the Freddie Mercury tribute act on Ventura he was very good and very funny to. Think you have to be of a certain age to watch him as our friends who are a lot younger than ourselves didn't really enjoy it or know any of the songs!!!! making me feel very old.
  3. On arrival the ship looked a lot bigger than her size which surprised me as the only other smaller ship I had been on was Azamara and that did look small. As she was brand new the ship was very white and clean and looked very sleek I was very impressed. Then on check in this was like nothing I had experienced before no long queues no waiting around the process was excellent very quick, very efficient and a very friendly service again as I mentioned earlier topped off with a glass of champagne. On arrival at my cabin which again didn't take long to find due to the small size of the ship I was
  4. What do people think to the new dynamic dining with Royal Caribbean??
  5. This programme made me so mad that i couldn't bear to watch the 2nd episode. It would certainly put people off if they haven't cruise before and this really isn't how cruising is.....
  6. the replies from everyone are very good i am visiting both areas later in the year and was wondering what was the best to do thansk everyone
  7. i believe the reason behind having to call for prices when flights are included is because of the various prices from various airports and the fact i was told they work from a live flight system and the prices are changing constantly.
  8. Jungla is very good you can get it from boots or superdrug
  9. from what i've heard these cruise are nearly sold out !!!!
  10. Think it will be close between Joey & Kian
  11. What lovely pictures
  12. creme eggs will be on sale on boxing day!!
  13. someone i know put their tree and decorations up last weekend. i would like to put my decorations up early december but having a real tree it would look like a stick by the time christmas day was here!!
  14. thanks for that info samfox1 very helpful
  16. I would love to see Ant & Dec to some of the tasks
  17. So it's that time of year again and jungle fever has hit - so who's addicted (or not) already
  18. I think the size of a cruise ship is a personal opinion. i personally prefer the larger ships, but the good thing is their are enough ships and sizes to suit all needs
  19. Hi nice to see another new member on the forum
  20. i agree with other posts i was on the oasis of the seas a few years ago and the casino on board was very good, don't think any of the ships can beat vegas but oasis of the seas was a good atmosphere and plenty of choice.
  21. this conversation sound very strange...........
  22. Hi Rachel Me to i did a short cruise a couple of years ago with the girls over to Bruge had a fab time, i've enquired this morning with Boslover cruise club who i usually book with for the Azura 26/5/14 good prices again so that will be another girlie break!!!
  23. Royal caribbean do not allow smoking on any balconies fron jan 2014
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