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    I did the rcci cruise in January and we took local currency the Dirham and we also paid for our hop on hop off bus tickets when we were on board and it was credited to our on board account
  2. weaver

    Favourite tribute acts?

    I also watched the Freddie Mercury tribute act on Ventura he was very good and very funny to. Think you have to be of a certain age to watch him as our friends who are a lot younger than ourselves didn't really enjoy it or know any of the songs!!!! making me feel very old.
  3. On arrival the ship looked a lot bigger than her size which surprised me as the only other smaller ship I had been on was Azamara and that did look small. As she was brand new the ship was very white and clean and looked very sleek I was very impressed. Then on check in this was like nothing I had experienced before no long queues no waiting around the process was excellent very quick, very efficient and a very friendly service again as I mentioned earlier topped off with a glass of champagne. On arrival at my cabin which again didn't take long to find due to the small size of the ship I was amazed by the size of the cabin and also of how modern the cabin was, very bright and spacious the bed was hugh. There was a seating area with a small table as well as a dressing table hairdryers were provided and the plug situation was either the European plug or the American plug. As I went around the ship my impressions just got better and better. The buffet was amazing again no long queues it wasn't like a cattle market when your trying to get your food it was very relaxed and the quality of the food was impeccable - homemade ice cream was especially good. The food stations were small but never were crowded and the choice of food was again excellent. On the first evening we ate in Manfreddis Italian restaurant and the 12oz steak came highly recommended I’m so pleased I went for it but just a word of warning if you want to eat it all don't have a starter!!! The wine waiter was always around to fill your glass and if you wanted more of anything whether that be food or drink this was never a problem (we had 2 desserts). On the 2nd evening we ate at the chef's table which again I was amazed there was no surcharge for this. The chef's table offered a taster menu and was changed every 3 Days and omg the food was amazing it was a 7 course taster menu with different wine to match each course we were sat in a private dining room which accommodated just the 6 of us so service was impeccable. At the end of the meal the chef came out to see what we thought of the menu he also got a round of applause from us all. On board they also offered afternoon tea there was a choice of at least 15 different teas and you had finger sandwiches, cream cakes and scones to choose from this was very popular especially with the American guests on board. I thought the afternoon tea was a lovely touch and only know of Cunard who offer this. The spa on the ship is the best spa I have been in (compared to other ships I have been on) you can use this complimentary so the pool, thermal beds, steam room, sauna, are all included. As always you do pay extra for treatments I did have a body message which was $130 and had a gel manicure which was $69 and they were well worth the money. I went in the spa a few times and it was never busy, they provided you with a locker which locked with your key card they also provided flip flops bathrobes and a towel, there was also a dryer to put your swimming costume in which was a good little thing to have if you wanted to go in the spa before you got off the ship and not have a dripping wet cosy. On board at the back of the ship is the infinity pool which was a nice feature to have and as lovely as it was it really wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be and could imagine when the ship is in the Caribbean it would get quite busy, but there is the main pool which has plenty of space and sunbeds and what is good is when you initially see the sunbeds they don't look very long and they look like they could only accommodate a child!!!! But they actually pull out to a longer length which I thought was very clever as you can get around the pool area very easy without banging your legs or striding over people's sunbeds.
  4. weaver

    New Dining

    What do people think to the new dynamic dining with Royal Caribbean??
  5. weaver

    The Cruise Ship

    This programme made me so mad that i couldn't bear to watch the 2nd episode. It would certainly put people off if they haven't cruise before and this really isn't how cruising is.....
  6. weaver

    Florence Or Pisa Or Both?

    the replies from everyone are very good i am visiting both areas later in the year and was wondering what was the best to do thansk everyone
  7. i believe the reason behind having to call for prices when flights are included is because of the various prices from various airports and the fact i was told they work from a live flight system and the prices are changing constantly.
  8. Jungla is very good you can get it from boots or superdrug
  9. weaver


    from what i've heard these cruise are nearly sold out !!!!
  10. weaver

    I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here !!!!

    Think it will be close between Joey & Kian
  11. weaver

    Cruise Reviews

    What lovely pictures
  12. weaver

    Christmas Decorations (How Soon?)

    creme eggs will be on sale on boxing day!!
  13. weaver

    Christmas Decorations (How Soon?)

    someone i know put their tree and decorations up last weekend. i would like to put my decorations up early december but having a real tree it would look like a stick by the time christmas day was here!!
  14. weaver

    Klm Flights & Fly Blue Members

    thanks for that info samfox1 very helpful
  15. weaver

    Celebrity Cruises