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  1. We have done get together's on our last two cruises on Arcadia, be aware that on her they have two Lodge books. We had a a few coffee mornings with and without the ladies and a formal meeting with the Captain. If you have a 10 percenter amongst the Brethren ask him to run the drinks bill through his cabin. We have found it a great way to meet people and are going on our third cruise in November with a couple we have been on two previous cruises with, this time he is on strict instructions not to propose me as President of the ship, incidentally my first time we had a lady mason who wa
  2. No probs this is our 5 th venture on her, we did the same cruise last year although different itinerary and the MPW and Orchid are well worth a visit we can be found in the Orchid Bar.
  3. Hi We are booked on to this cruise and counting the days.
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