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  1. The cynic in me thinks that on this type of cruise, the itinerary will be fixed and ports booked well in advance but the public vote will be "manipulated" to give the desired outcome.
  2. I've had the blue strip across the center of the box for some time now. I, too, had to sign in today but assumed that was just as a result of the recent maintenance.
  3. When I was speaking to my agent at Bolsover recently, I suggested that in the booking confirmation documents, it would be a good idea if they included a section outlining the currency that you will need for the countries to be visited. I was told she would pass the suggestion on the powers that be. I think it would be really helpful to have this information from the horses mouth, so to speak :-)
  4. I did the "Behind the "Behind the Scenes" tour with P & O a couple of years ago. The cost was £75 (I had OBC to use up!) and was very interesting. It started in the theater - going into the sound box and backstage. We then went on to the loading deck and saw the anchors etc. Following that we went to the print room, the waste disposal area, the engine control; room (not the engine room itself), the fire safety department, the food storage and preparation areas and then up to the galley. We had refreshments in the dining room and then up to the bridge where we were welcomed by the Capt
  5. I cruised on Britannia to the fjords last year and had a balcony cabin right on the rear of the ship and so had a view of both sides oif the fjords as we sailed through them - well worth the money!! Also, the cabins are between two suites and so the balcony is much larger than normal :-)
  6. "Any advice on table size/dining for a single person on P&O please" I regularly cruise as a single of P & O and, I think, the "default" setting is to put singles together on a table of around eight.
  7. I found that to be the case on a few recent occasions - it has been cheaper to have single occupancy of a double cabin that have a single cabin. That is based on a balcony (GF) grade with P&O. It pays to inquire!
  8. My memorable moment was sailing into Venice - along the lagoon and past St Mark's square - it was wonderful. It was followed closely that evening by the view from my balcony over the whole of Venice with the lights reflecting in the various canals. Our sail out of Venice was due for around 4.30 (daylight) and I was looking forward to it but because of a medical emergency, we were delayed by a couple of hours and left about 6.30 by which time it was dark. My initial disappointment was quickly followed by delight as we sailed back past St Marks Square and through the lagoon with all the (colourf
  9. I priced up (with Bolsover) single accommodation for my recent cruise and it turned out to be cheaper to have single occupancy of a double balcony cabin that to have a single balcony cabin - both on the same deck.
  10. I've now discovered (after playing around a bit more) that if i find a thread I've not read and then click on the little circle to the left of the title, it will take me to the first unread post in that thread - hope that helps :-)
  11. At the moment, i'm reserving judgement on the new look forum. I've managed to work out how to find subjects I've not read but when I click on the thread title, I takes me to the first post and I then have to scroll through it to the first unread post. What am I not doing - it can't, surely, be meant to be like that? Also, every time I visit the site, I have to put in my user name and password - despite the "remember me" box being ticked by default - again, is this how it is meant to be?
  12. Many thanks - I love these spoof reviews :-)
  13. Is it possible to have a link to those reviews - or have they been deleted?
  14. I am on Arcdia in a couple of weeks and am on the top ("Sun") deck. I have been given a boarding time of 1pm
  15. I travel alone and recently got Bolsover to price up a cabin for me - I requested a balcony cabin on an upper deck. It turned out that it was cheaper for me to have single occupancy of a double cabin than a single cabin, so don;t always assume that a single cabin is going to be cheaper :-)
  16. http://www.tomsportguides.com/uploads/5/8/5/4/58547429/venice-05-06-2011.pdf This is a helpful guide - and may be the one referred to above :-)
  17. All good advice. However, from my experience with them, you book two seats but not the location of the seats. You take pot luck on boarding - there may be two together but equally, there may not.
  18. I got mine form here www.thanetdirect.com
  19. I'm sorry but could someone explain to me what the new "ridiculous" check in policy is?
  20. I recently priced up a cruise for next year (P & O) and the cost of having a double (balcony) cabin for single occupancy was £100 cheaper than having a single (balcony) cabin.
  21. I am sailing alone on Arcadia next year and asked Bolsover to price up either (a) a single cabin or ( single occupoancy of a double cabin - and the latter came out cheaper by around £100
  22. I priced up a cruise (19 days) on Arcadia in Autumn next year and asked for prices for both a single cabin and also for single occupancy of a double cabin. Guess which was cheaper? Yes, the double cabin for single occupancy by almost £100!
  23. Yes, P & O certainly allow the removel of tips on Frfeedom dining - I have done so for the last few cruises. I identify a table in Freedom dining room which suits me and then ask for the same table every night - it works for me. I, am, therefore, able to tip my waiters personally - or not, if I felt so inclined.
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