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  1. thank you all for the information I will follow it all through
  2. Been looking at taking a holiday in iceland, but need direct flights, does anyone know if there are any and what airline???
  3. Many years ago I went river rafting in alaska as part of a shore excursion from this ship, it was amazing, but scary as the rafts had to bump over floating logs, we stopped and had a barbeque as well, very magical. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. I started cruising over 30 years ago, on the Amerikanis, brittanis, daphne, carla c, adventurer just to name a few, anyone out there who has been on these cruises??
  5. yes I remember cruising over 30 years ago and you are right there was no hand gel on board in those days, but I don't remember ever hearing about norovirus on board either. could it be that in those days everyone was more aware of the need of more regular hand washing than we are today??? I remember being brought up to not put hands in mouth but these days I think that most people, including myself, do this whilst thinking of other things.
  6. Fred olsen and holland america still allow smoking on balconies thought that might be interesting for all those that still enjoy a cig with a drink on the balcony.
  7. Best memory for me was on the amerikanis when it belonged to chandris, before chandris went over to celebrity X. I also remember the cunard adventurer a great ship in its day. Anyone out there remember these two ships at all???
  8. showgirl


    does anyone have any pics of amerikanis inside ship?
  9. showgirl


    thanks for the video solvent richard. Did you ever cruise on it yourself?
  10. showgirl


    Remember taking a cruise on the amerikanis in the late 1970's/early 1980's. from vancover to vancover, loved glazier bay, and Juneau, and remember sun bathing on the ship as it glided through the icebergs. Is there anyone else out there that cruised in alaska on the amerikanis?
  11. I sailed on queen elizabeth last year, and its really a beautiful ship, really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone. The venues are superbly decorated and the service and friendliness of staff is top class
  12. yes it really is good this year. I am really enjoying the people they have in it. Loved mathew and joey doing their trials together. The team work is fabulous. I agree that Joey could be the winner this year.
  13. yes I like the new tipping system, it saves the staff having to work with loads of cash on them. And the service is always wonderful on p&o anyway.
  14. hi old traveller, when I do have my occasional cigarette I use a filter so like the ships funnels this is cleaner smoke that I blow out but people still don't like breathing in my smoke. But no one can change the ships funnels so what is the difference??
  15. I agree with weaver really looking forward to experiencing the bigger ship within the p&o fleet. more venues on board to keep busy with and with regards to the service, p&o deal with this really well on azura. so overall really looking forward to booking a cruise.
  16. yes I agree it is a sticky point. But on my last cruise I had such good service from our waiter and cabin steward and we also saw a waiter from a previous cruise who, looked out for us and gave us a brilliant service at breakfast times. so we got the tips removed and handed them ourselves in an envelope. We ended up giving alot more than we otherwise would have paid but they truly deserve it.
  17. tried a land holiday a couple of years ago for a change to cruising, but alot of things went wrong including flooding in the room, hairdryer burnt out, air conditioning not working properley and having to sleep in freezing condtions and missed the wonderful food, service and entertainment of the cruise ships, never again sticking to cruising from now on.
  18. As a smoker I have now decided that it would be better just to pack it up. easier said than done but have reduced down to just 6 a day and plan to stop completely, are there any other cruising smokers trying to do same. I have decided that the money I save could pay for another cruise, and trying to find places to smoke, I feel, is now a lost fight.
  19. Stayed at the Holiday inn in october, great room, very clean, good food, highly recommend it.
  20. Its amazing how many people use public toilets and just walk out with out washing their hands
  21. Think it would be better to have a smoking side and none smoking side on the balconies. Although none smokers may still prefer the smoking side so can see how difficult this would be
  22. Historically september falls within the hurricane season.
  23. Yes there is holiday inn in folkestone just outside that is really good.
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