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  1. Many years ago I did a cruise covering mexico, we stopped at mazatlan and accapulco. What I remember most is the divers, diving from the top of cliffs it was amazing. Has anyone out there seen them or know if they still do this?
  2. I used to book with a different agent but found the after sales services with regards to my questions were not answered with a happy smiley voice like the one who booked me on the cruise. I heard about bolsover cruise club and always use them now as whoever I speak to is always happy to help me and I have no worries or concerns as I know there is always someone at the other end of the phone to help me.
  3. I think that if the ship goes to at least one non euro country they will open up their duty free ship and pax can buy bottles for the cabin at a low price anyway. but as what solvent richard has said accidents can happen and if it breaks that could be your holiday clothes damaged as well. hope this helps
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    vamp 23 thanks for the hotel I will look it up
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    hi dora the explorer, I am hoping to eat in the white room on my forthcoming cruise so I will let you know what its like.
  6. some things have like the accommodation is more improved but I do miss the atmosphere that was created in the dining room on those old cruises and loved the midnight buffets escpecially the chocalate night. Remembering all the carvings on ice and chocalate that they used to do. And also every night used to be a dress up night, be it fancy dress or long evening dresses. Once I was on a cruise with friends and we made all our own costumes for the fancy dress competition we all dressed as characters from old macdonalds farm and we won. those were the days
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    Does anyone know of a good hotel at birmingham airport
  8. Will they still generate enough electricity if they get covered in heavy snow???
  9. yes many many years ago I went on the sundream ship, loved it, all the singing waiters and the baked alaska with sparklers on them being carried around the dining room by the waiters, loved those days.
  10. The three things I would take is my bed, (I wouldn't be able to sleep in a hammock) bottle of whiskey and sun tan cream.
  11. The best sailaway for me is p&o I just love it with the flags, and with so many passengers attending it really is a picture. The best one of course is on departing from gibraltar
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    thanks for the information its very informative, I have just booked into the white room for one of the nights, looking forward to that I have never booked a speciality restaurant before so this is a one off. Has anyone eaten in the white room what is it like??
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    After alfie boe cruise I have just booked my next cruise on the ventura 7 nights venice to genoa. I am really looking forward to it in one way but its a new ship for me so hopefully we will like it, most people I have spoken to say its the same as azura in design, does anyone else know the ship and what it's like? My friends tell me that there used to be a spanish bar on board and that this has now been changed but they didn;t know what its changed to, does anyone know???
  14. good point seawitch. We really wanted the cruise anyway so it was a bonus to see alfie boe but yes to book a concert which is a longer show would be great. Do you know if/when/where he may have concerts??? thank you
  15. hungry hippo, nice to hear from someone who was on the same cruise, did you see any of the other shows with the headliners in it. We didn't get a chance to see any of the other shows just the alfie boe concert as travelling with elderly relatives who can't see too well.
  16. hi celebrity chef, thank you for your response, yes it was very well organised, everyone got a ticket left in their cabin on arrival on board, showing the date and time of the show they have been given. these cannot be changed and every got to see alfie once. The actual seating is on a first come first served basis, we had seats 3rd from front so had a good view of a very handsome charming, wonderful singer. The rest of the cruise was really enjoyable, we spent time after dinner with drinks in the blue bar, very relaxing. We love the shops and the casino. during the day we enjoyed usin
  17. i heron, in which areas did you find the service not good, I must say that we didn't experience that. However we felt there should have been a choice of vegetables in the dining room for evening meals. Look forward to hearing more from you thanks. Alfie boe was really fantastic, voice, charisma was superb, love to see him again.
  18. Just got back from the alfie boe cruise, he was fabulous, interested to hear comments from anyone else who was on same cruise.
  19. Yes your are right sammy sun, the cruise lines only advertise their own shore excursions, but when on ship there is also port talks usually given by the cruise director, which covers what you can do on your own as well as shore excursions. I have also found that the shore exursion staff will also give information on how to move around the ports on your own. But yes all this information would be nice to have before travelling to aid planning.
  20. I like the fact that we can stil order more or less of anything and I agree perhaps it will be better as quite often one is waiting to be served with all the extra bits as opposed to getting it all in one go, I guess this will keep the food warmer. quite looking forward to experiencing it now.
  21. Yes I always find bolsover cruise club very helpful and efficient nothing is too much trouble
  22. good idea to also use the shore excursions and take a trip to cascais, its a beautiful fishing village.
  23. On my cruise last year I used to have cocktail of the day and I am sure it was only £3.75
  24. thanks for your replies, I will let you all know my verdict after my cruise thanks again
  25. going on a cruise soon on p&o it will be the first one with plated meals, was wondering if someone can advise how they have found them so far.
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