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  1. We used eavesway for our p&o cruise in May it was a 4 night cruise but they didn't use the colour coded tickets so we completely ignored the time that they gave us to disembark in fact we didn't even go into the venue we was allocated but just walked around the decks until the first passengers were allowed to disembark and we got off really early, but others who obeyed the times and venues were alot later than us getting onto the coach and some passengers advised that once in the disembarkation venue the crew would not let them leave until their allocated times. Its very frustrating that t
  2. I have also seen adults not washing hands, this should have been taught when young not only from parents but I would have thought that the schools would also be training young children to do this in order to keep germs down in schools.
  3. interesting when does this start do you know cruise chef. and by the way I have seen you on this forum before does your name indicate that you can cook?? sorry for the question I was just wondering as I am looking for someone to make me some real home made mince pies can't cook myself but do appreciate when mince pies are made with that extra special flavouring that comes from home cooking.
  4. I have been in the superior deluxe balcony cabins on a short cruise, we got the champa's,and chocalates but they don't give out the bowl of fruit and canapes on the short cruises, if you ask for them you get them. but yes we loved the cabin and the extra space was great, would definately go for these cabins again we have also in the past been on c deck and yes the balcony's are huge but I now appreciate the extra space inside the cabin more these days.
  5. I think the days of the ships photographers have gone, years ago, before all the fantastic technology which we now have at our fingertips, the ships photo's stood out for size and a quality that you just couldn't get yourself, so I always bought them but these days its far cheaper to do it yourself, I find the prices on board way too high. But rooseyroo the cost of the photos you bought on the balmoral is really good and for that price I would possibly consider buying if the photo was good enough ie hairbrushed etc.
  6. During our cruise we went to east restaurant on ventura it was one of the best meals I have ever had and the atmosphere was superbly relaxing, great service as well. Who out there as also experienced the wonderful east restaurant.
  7. on pre booking our seats on ventura mediterranean cruise I think it was open about 8 weeks before we cruised, we managed to get our seats booked
  8. on my fly cruise from birmingham we have to check 3 hrs prior to departure, yes its a wait but we did manage to have a nice cooked breakfast and wonder the shops as well. Apart from queuing I have noticed the security checks are taking longer these days as well.
  9. when I did my caribbean cruise with p&o the first thing I did was change my cases to lightweight this gave me a massive 4 kilo's to put in my case which I otherwise wouldn't have been able to do.
  10. I have done a caribbean fly cruise with p&o and know that not pre booking seats is going to disappoint someone as the seats are a 2 3 2, so its unavoidable that someone will be split. We didn't pre book our seats and there was 3 of us travelling 2 of us sat together leaving 1 on their own. On taking the ventura mediterranean fly cruise we pre booked our seats beforehand and would continue to do this on any other future cruises. I love the charter flights with p&o expecially going to the caribbean as it gives direct flights and I have noticed on other cruises who do not use charters
  11. Just come off ventura took flights from birmingham with p&o charter flights and the luggage was taken directly from the plane and we didn;t see it till it arrived in our cabin. On talking to some on the cruise they say if the flight is schedulled then of course the luggage cannot be carried direct off the flight for you. I like the idea of cheaper flights doing it yourself but I don't think I would like to risk missing the ship if the plane was late or if I couldn't get the transfers sorted. so for me flights with p&o is a must and so stress free, it was organised beautifully with p&
  12. showgirl


    Just a little more information about the ventura. the luggage on all charter flights are sent from the aircraft and delivered straight to the cabin, and on the way back its taken from your cabin and you don't see it again till you arrive home at the airport. totally hasslefree
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    Just got back from ventura on 7 night cruise venice to genoa, it was fabulous absolutely perfect. The ports very scenic, super. Just to let you know about the speciality restaurants, we went to east restaurant and it was superb, cover charge £15pp really worth it. Very relaxing enviroment, good service and food to die for. We also went to the white room it was nice but not extra special. The glasshouse we had a lunch in there and that was very good indeed and worthwhile a visit. I loved the ventura and will hope to cruise on her again in the not too distant future
  14. yes I have met people on the cruises who were not happy as they had been given an upgrade which put them on a lower deck and to them it wasn't an upgrade. when I book with Bolsover cruise club my agent who I always use always asks me if I want to be on the list for upgrades and she always explains to me what its about and tells me I can't request my old cabin back if I get an upgrade I don't like so I always say no to that just in case.
  15. hi waves 49, so long as they have folk that can sing I don't think it would be seen as lowering the tone at all, but it would make dining a more memorable occasion. Lets put it to the vote how many of you think that p&o should re create this magic and put singing and music back into the dining rooms, a nice quartet with great harmonies etc, singing during after dinner drinks etc. Let me know if you are loving the idea.
  16. great replies thanks but taking the subject back to the original question still wanting to know if there are more people out there who don't cruise anymore due to the smoking ban, yes we all know there are places on the deck to smoke but not being able to smoke on the balcony, has this stopped people from cruising anymore. As I said previously my friends are one example and the people, pesky pirate knows is one other. Perhaps it hasn't put people off cruising at all??? look forward to looking at further comments thanks
  17. Yes they are in the caribbean side and part of panama, the Guna Indians manage the 365 islands. It truly was a place to remember never seen such clean waters, oh to be there again would be great. If anyone knows of a cruise line which covers this area please let me know.
  18. I used to cruise quite a bit when I was younger and another good place I visited was on one of the san blas islands. there are many islands in san blas so not sure which one we visited. It was only about a mile all the way around, there was a hotel with hammocks and a shack for a pub. it was really beautiful. has anyone else been to these islands recently, if so I would love to know what its like now as my visit was over 30 yrs ago.
  19. Just been speaking to friends who have always taken a couple of cruises every year, on asking them where they are going next they told me they are not cruising anymore as they can't smoke, they have always taken a balcony cabin so they can enjoy a drink and a smoke, I smoke but it won't stop me cruising, however since there are now alot of pubs which have and are still closing due to lack of trade, which one can only assume is connected in some way to the no smoking ban, I have been wondering if this is the same for cruising, are there any people who have stopped cruising due to the ban????
  20. well looks like its almost over for england. Don't normally watch football but I did last night got bored as not enough action to keep me interested. Oh well lets hope we do better in the next world cup.
  21. great news, I have been on the grand princess but it didn't really do it for me, but I have been intereted in the new royal princess so will look out for the programme
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    ship shape I will let you know when I get back what the cruise is like, really looking forward to it now
  23. showgirl


    On my azura cruise we went into the glass house and enquired about the food and you don;t have to pre book its more on a ad hoc casual basis.
  24. thanks for the replies. cruise chef that answers the questions I have had which is haven't seen a cruise covering mexico for some time. as you say its obviously down to the crime rate there, shame how things change
  25. I think all the cruise ships used to have chocalate and mid night buffets. But I guess now its been recognised its not good to sleep on too much food and calories to watch etc, all of which may have started incurring huge wastage problems for the ships so I can understand why they don't do that now. But yes I also think it would be good for ships to engage in re creating the magic in the dining rooms, I agree with pesky pirate if p&o was to do something along this line it would go down really well.
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