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  1. hello loz6, we sailed to spain and portugal, places I have been to before and enjoyed, again very easy straight off the ship to the shops and bars, it was nice and warm as well, not so hot its hard to move around but very pleasantly warm

  2. thank you waves for your reply, the ships are older but they are so nicely maintained, the carpets look so clean and fresh not one bit was to be found on them and the same for all the furnishings around the ship.  What I did like is the actual wooden decks very nice. Balmoral also has a beautiful lounge where people can sit quietly and have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and buy individual chocalates to go with it. The pub also is very comfortable with an excellent keyboard player and singer. The shows excellent really good, including the crew show which all enjoyed.


    I agree with boushki it was easy to navigate and for easy for anyone with walking difficulties

  3. interesting subject, I was always travel sick, sick on a coach, car, train, ferry boats around the harbour you name it, but then I really wanted to cruise so much and knew I couldn't be ill for the duration. I wanted to cruise so much that I took the plunge and I have never been sick since.  so for me I guess it was something in the head but I yes people do have problems with the balances in the ear which will also cause sea sickness.

  4. alesund is a lovely port we tendered in last year and we booked a tour with p&o to see one of the old stave churches, really interesting with beautiful countryside as the coach took us up into the hills.  very enjoyable.  however I don't think there is really much to see in alesund itself. hope this helps.

  5. on my last cruise to norway (not int he eu of course) we did get duty free on board, 2 bottles of spirits for approx £25, bought cigs as well (for my sins) approx £46 for 200. also purfume was quite a bit cheaper than in the shops as I did price up my favourite perfume before taking the cruise.  so yes it does depend on the cruise, many cruises now there are no duty free due to most places being in the eu.  But I continue to take my cruises for the destinations first with thoughts of duty free taking a second place.

  6. We used eavesway for our p&o cruise in May it was a 4 night cruise but they didn't use the colour coded tickets so we completely ignored the time that they gave us to disembark in fact we didn't even go into the venue we was allocated but just walked around the decks until the first passengers were allowed to disembark and we got off really early, but others who obeyed the times and venues were alot later than us getting onto the coach and some passengers advised that once in the disembarkation venue the crew would not let them leave until their allocated times. Its very frustrating that they prioritise for intercruises ignoring others request to get off early, does anyone know if its the same for people who have a train to catch, if not perhaps this is the stance to use.   I did use intercruises a couple of years ago for a cunard cruise and wasn't impressed, the service given from eavesway is definately the best for us.

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