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  1. I do hope they don't catch on. it just encourages people to drink too much. we were on Azure trip where people were falling down drunk, were helped up by their mates and the waiters carried on serving them. And hope they do not start including drinks in the price as not everyone wants to drink. we like a bottle of wine with our evening meal but you can't choose a bottle of wine on these packages just a glass, no mention of the size so could be the smallest.
  2. On several po ships you can pay to go in certain areas with nicer sunbeds and more space. Which is quite expensive. They call it the spa area. I know they have it on azura and Adonia
  3. Hi All, Has anyone visited Guadeloupe Port , What do you advice to do there, is there anything we can do our self from the port or do we need to book a tour?
  4. Daveyb you say there is no shortage of eating places but what if for various reasons like illness or as on our trip you have dreadful rough seas for 5 days and one elderly woman on her own felt unsafe walking around the ship it means you end up paying for your meals twice.
  5. Had an email from po saying they let every one who had a booking know about changes. we had 2 bookings at the time and received no messages about change.
  6. Just back from med trip on Adonia surprised to find a charge for all items on room service except breakfast. The 2016-2018march brochure states this is complimentary apart from a few items. Do you think it is right they can change it without notice? Does anyone know if Cunard are charging for all room service items?

    Just returned from Med trip on the Adonia was surprised to find that we had to pay for all room service items apart from breakfast.  As the brochure we booked from 2016- Mar 2108 clearly states it is included apart from a few items.  Is it right that they can change these things they advertise without notice?  Also does anyone know if Cunard are doing the same? 

  8. we used trip ashore for a two day trip as recommended by Bolsover cruises and they were top class. Meals good, small party, into Hermitage before open to public Boat to ourselves on the river cruise unlike some that were packed on. did all the top places. First class guide with great knowledge.
  9. we can recommend trip ashore also. We did a 2 day tour and as it is quite a mixture of thing its not so tiring as I thought it would be ,. as we visited lovely restaurants for lunch did a canal boat ride and were on the bus in-between walking. Also we went in the hermitage before it was open to the public. so no crowds.
  10. If you pay for a suite you do get more. You get a bigger better room and a bigger better balcony ,a butler, drinks of your choice in a mini bar, canapés ect. Wish I could have a suite I certainly would not be moaning about what point the rest of sailors were getting. I would be enjoying it and thinking how lucky I am.
  11. Has anyone used Tripashore? Thinking of their 2 day trip around St Petersburg. Would be interested in pro's and con's
  12. We have also used Chilworth Manor on many occasions and found it excellent. It also has a gym a swimming pool and lovely grounds
  13. Do members of the forum think it is fair to expect children to pay gratuities when they reach the age of 12yrs. I had a paper round at that age but don't think it would have covered the cost. What about you?
  14. Going on a Baltic cruise this summer. Has anyone use alternative tour company's in St Petersburg rather than ship tours? Would you recommend them?
  15. KiethnRita thanks for the link. looks good
  16. hi j-dog sounds like your on the azura like us hope we are the only ship there
  17. has anyone been to amber cove yet? Is there a beach there or do you need a trip there. Anyone got any info on this port? We are going there at Christmas on the Azura
  18. Christmas in the Caribbean is fantastic have done it with p.o. 3 times and have booked this year back to back on azura so a month in the sun Christmas and new year. Great can't wait
  19. forgot to mention the midnight sun. Sitting in the bar at the back of acadia watching whales dolphins and porpoises at midnight pricless
  20. take the cable car. I would not recommend the walk either up or down as it is used by the donkeys and they charge straight at you and their droppings make it very slippery. Once you have looked around at the top, lots of shops church etc. I would go to the bus station and get the bus to Oia. It is the place you see on all the posters, blue dome and white wash villas. Nice bars, cafes. Its about a 15 to 20 min trip and very cheap. ask on bus the times of return buses, they are reliable we have done this every time we have visited Santorini . .
  21. Hi We can recommend Iceland. We sailed around Iceland with several stops on Arcadia. The blue lagoon was a great experience and a trip called ice and fire was like going to another planet, most interesting. The stops on the north of the island were small towns but still very interesting. We went in July and found the weather sunny but when we went on a trip to the centre of Iceland it was very cold and was glad I had took a coat and gloves, still snow on the mountains Everywhere on Iceland was clean and beautiful to see. It was a really different holiday from the norm and we enjoyed it a
  22. we have done 2 Christmas cruises in the Caribbean with po and have booked for the next 2 Christmas. Great not having the terrible food shop before Christmas. And have another Christmas with children and grandchildren when we get back. Found entertainment good famous names.
  23. how can we be sure staff get the cash, when we leave it to the companies to distribute it. I was told by a steward they would lose money if everyone of their cabins did not tick the excellent box at the end of the cruise, and when you have 14 to do you always get some people who are never happy.
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