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    Reading,Listening to my ipod,drinking red wine(not an expert),trying to win the lottery and best of all,our 4 grandchildren
  1. Once did a Thomson cruise.The cabins were smaller,the food was par excellence.The entertainment was first class.Would suggest to give them a try I am looking at the Thomson/Marella fire and ice for 2018 july
  2. Always used Eavesway,no complaints.
  3. I agree with icyseas,we always have gratuities removed from our on board account.The story of staff not receiving tips if excellent is not ticked on the end of cruise surveys is one I have been told many times.I agree that bad service should receive no reward.What happens when passengers just cannot be bothered to fill in the survey,it must happen.My tips go directly to the staff,that way I know who has it.Sorry,but no cruise line is going to reap extra profit from me.
  4. We retire this Saturday 5.9.15.Spent the last thirty years as a Market Trader dealing second hand books,mostly novels etc.We worked by our retirement age of 65 but now approaching 70 we have said its time to say goodbye.On 9 September we go for a week in Dubrovnik then a week on the close by Korkula island.We are looking at the 50 night cruise on the Oriana in January 2016 but the wife is having a new knee on 28 September.Already spoke to Bolsover about the cruise,we have to see how quick her mobility returns.House paid for,not loads of cash but we can carry on cruising,also with 4 grandchildr
  5. Reading the comments on Brittania with interest.Due on the ship July 25th,most comments look good.Going via bus to Southampton,this will be a first for us.If this post is still going on my return,we will give an opinion.
  6. does it matter,just go and enjoy your cruise
  7. My problem with on board grattuities is,do the staff actually get a share.On this post someone has already noted that ticking boxes could mean a lower rate of tips.A passenger told me he ticked `very good`as opposed to` excellent `service,his table waiter told him it would mean a lower rate of tip.That money goes into a pot,who dishes the money out.I want to know,is that done in a fair way.It is just me,but I think of some great `I am` having power over good hard working people.The irony of this story is that the guy who told me he thought the service was excellent,he skipping through the s
  8. JAK


    Always done 2nd,I like the relax time getting ready for dinner (reading a book).I have done freedom and enjoyed it.
  9. I posted this story on tips awhile ago. The story told to me by one dining friend was,he filled in a form at the end of the cruise,the type where you rate service poor to excellent,he ticked very good.Not because the service was not excellent,he just ticked very good.A couple of the waiting staff asked him to tick excellent in stead.The reason being they would receive a reduced portion from the tip pool.Is this an urban myth.Went on a cruise in January,the story flying around was that the drinks waiting staff are on a 6 per cent commission on what the sell.I always tip one way or the other fo
  10. We like to choose a different destination if possible,something new.Having said that we went round the Caribbean in January,for the third time,but the price was right.We enjoy a balcony.We were on the Azura,a great experience.
  11. Returned from a Caribbean cruise on the Azura (26.1.14).Once again,first class,looking forward to our next cruise.
  12. Never seen that recommendation,thanks for the tip.Common sense if you sit and think about it.
  13. Like the idea of automatic sliding doors.You wash your hands clean but follow a person out who does not.You pick up their germs of the door handle.Just an aside which has nothing what ever to do with this rant.Our local hospital,Kings Mill in Mansfield Notts had a problem last year,alkis were consuming the hand gel because of the high alcohol content.It was reported on Radio Nottingham.A story to go to bed with.
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