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    sunnygirl reacted to afcandrew in New Policy on Alcohol & Dress codes   
    The rules state no football shirts are allowed in the evening but does not say anything about daytime wear, so may be okay in the afternoon. Personally, I think they should be banned at all times.  I am a football supporter and I will wear a replica shirt to games - but not anywhere else and certainly not on a cruise ship.
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    sunnygirl reacted to The Seven Seas in What clothing would people recommend for Northern lights Feb 2018?   
    Layer up and make sure that you pack fleeces, jumpers, body warmers - just anything to keep you warm as the tempartures can vary from day to day. I would also suggest some good walking boots for when you're out and about walking around the towns.
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    sunnygirl reacted to Land Ahoy in Mini cruises   
    Hi  Naturally you will find that more children will be on board during school holidays, I have never had any concerns about the behaviour of children while undertaking a cruise, yes they can be a little rowdy around the pool but I can easily find a quieter area.  In addition to the children you are likely to sail with there will probably be a significant number of young adult groups (stag and hens groups  etc),s who are more difficult to avoid in the bars and lounges.
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    sunnygirl reacted to Countrygirl in Mini cruises   
    We did a 3 night on Aurora late August with our Grandchildren, it did have a lot of children but most were well behaved,  as said by Land Ahoy they do spend time around the pools and it can be noisy.But I must add it is not the Children that cause the problems it is the parents who think they are on holiday and do not need to control them. 
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    sunnygirl reacted to Davybe in Mini cruises   
    Welcome to forum Sunnygirl.
    Your pretty much sure of seeing plenty of children on any holiday ,and cruising is no different, you can book adult only  ships or look at lines that do not push the "Family" in their adverts,Of the Major lines perhaps there will be less children o Fred Olson Cunard  And Celebrity , ,P&O RCI Princess and NCL I would expect lots of children....Davybe 
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    sunnygirl reacted to afcandrew in Mini cruises   
    The other thing to bear in mind is that on a mini cruise, you are not going to have many - if indeed any - sea days so you will be off the ship much of the time.  Consequently, contact with 'hordes' of children may well be relatively minimal.
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    sunnygirl reacted to Jenjen in P&O Azura cruise   
    The BOB has the reputation but the English Channel can be much more choppy, so can getting into St Peter Port, by tender, I /we have done that cruise with our grand children we all loved it.
    Have a nice time, what will be will be, no point letting it worry you.
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    sunnygirl reacted to ktboldy in P&O Azura cruise   
    We have sailed through the Bay several times and never (touch wood) had a bad crossing. The Azura is a large ship and with its stabilisers would cope with it very well anyway. Go and enjoy the cruise. Bilbao is a beautiful city.
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    sunnygirl reacted to MG16 in P&O Azura cruise   
    I would have no problems with going out on 2 September on the Azura, I have been out of Southampton on much smaller ships in December/January, but everyone is different.
    Azura and Ventura are sister ships so their lay out is the same, just different decor.
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    sunnygirl reacted to Life0nMars in Arcadia and Other PnO ships menu's   
    It is Called The Epicurean at The White Room on Ventura and includes a free Bottle of wine on some sailings, if you book for 6pm to 6.30pm seating. 
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