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  1. Hi, We are going on a weeks cruise from Southampton to Guernsey, Bruges and Rotterdam. We've never been to Rotterdam and was wondering if its similar to Amsterdam in that you get off the ship and can go walk about? Or do we need an excursion. We'd much prefer to do our own thing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hi, Has anyone been on a cruise who is vegan? Im going on a two night cruise with my sister who is vegan. We are going on the Ventura. I mentioned it when booking, but if you look at the menus they cater for vegetarian but not vegan. On booking, I was told theyve made a note of it. She said we can explain at the dinner table and they will make something up for my sister . I said thats a bit bad really as they should have some options on the menu. If there are 3000 or more passengers on a cruise, you telling me everyone wants a meat dish. I didnt find her helpful. So t
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me what the procedure is when you are tendered off? We are going on the Britannia , P&O, in May, and the first port of call is Guernsey. Theres a huge amount of people on the ship and was wondering what the procedure is. Normally I wouldnt ask, its just that its one port we would really like to visit and make a full day of. We havent been on this ship before. Thank you
  4. Thank you so very much for all your feed back, it is very much appriciated.
  5. Thank you for your info. I am so sorry to hear that. What ship did you go on? Please can you tell me what was so awful about it?
  6. Hi, Ive been on one Christmas cruise to the Caribbean on Princess. Whilst it was a fabulous cruise there was very little Christmas celebration . Im aware that the americans do celebrate Thanks Giving . Has anyone been on a p&o Christmas cruise and if they have what was it like. We are thinking of going this year but will be disappointed if christmas isnt celebrated .
  7. sunnygirl


    Hello, We will be on the Azura for seven nights. One port of call is Bilbao. We would like to visit the Guggenhiem museum and was wondering is it worth doing through excursion trip or ourselves? Also, does the excursion cost include the entry fee to the museum? And going with p&o we shouldnt have to que with prepaid tickets. Thank you
  8. Hi, In september I'm on a 7 night cruise. One port of call is Bilbao. I would like to visit the Guggenhiem gallery. Can this be done without an excursion or do you think its best to book the excursion? Also, if we go with the excursion does the cost of the excursion include the ticket to get into the museum?
  9. Hello, Ive seen mini cruises going from Southampton which we have been on. Ive seen them in August. Does anyone know if these cruises will be full of children because its school holidays. Weve bever been on a cruise during school holls.
  10. Thank you, your comments are very helpful.
  11. Thank you. Ive heard the Bay of Biscay can be choppy all year.
  12. Hi, Im looking at a cruise that goes out 2nd september this year from southampton for 7 nights. The ship is the Azura . The cruise is a Western Europe. Visiting La Rochelle, Bilbao, La Coruna and St Peters Port Guernsey. Please can anyone tell me if theyve done this cruise. My concern is the Bay of Biscay and how choppy will it be? Also, is the Azura like the Ventura? King Regards
  13. Hi, We are going on the Ventura in May , mini cruise, for my husbands 60th. There will be eight of us. On the cruise personaliser, you can pre book the tables now. I wanted to book the Epicurean restaurant now to make sure we get in. However, it only allows you to book a table for six and no more. Does anyone know a way round this? Also, you have to pay now. If, for some reason, someone cant go, will I get my money back ? Thank you
  14. Thank you, all your replies are very helpful indeed ! I love stilton and cheese !
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