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  1. Needed a good laugh after a hard day at work, thank you
  2. MadamP


    Freedom dining for me and hubby. We can do sailaways, get ready without rushing and we enjoy meeting different dining companions
  3. We booked on Arcadia last October so that we could sail into Venice on our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Unfortunately it was so foggy the port was closed and we didnt get into the port until lunch time, which meant the tour we booked, including a gondola trip, was cancelled. Just to make things more interesting the Venice marathon was on that day. Still, we went in to Venice and made the most of our day. Would love to do it again though and do the sail in to Venice without the fog.
  4. Thanks to The Pesky Pirate and Northern Star for your warm welcome to the Forum
  5. Hi, have just joined the forum. Just booked our fifth cruise with P&O, this time on Azura in October 2014. MadamP
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