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  1. It will be interesting to see if they enforce it!! As clearly from previous comments everything else seems to be allowed!
  2. cruise chef

    Any " must see or do's " in Barbados ?

    If you like a tipple the Malibu factory is a good day out as you can relax on their beech once you have finished the tour, also not too far from the cruise terminal by taxi
  3. cruise chef

    odd or unusual xmas gifts

    Evoking some great childhood memories Mitch. I remember Space Dust when I was a child but I think this was banned and removed from the shelf, it has re-appeared as popping candy now but doesn't seem as strong as years ago. I remember Dandelion & Burdock from the pop man who used to call once a week and the money back from the bottle paid for our sweets from the corner shop
  4. cruise chef

    The Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

    Well it looks like things are finally improving for the Caribbean Islands as cruise operators are slowly returning to some of the regular ports, Some are still a little behind in getting back to normal but it certainly shows the islands spirit and endeavour that they can bounce back so quickly
  5. cruise chef

    Britania Caribbean Cruise Port location to towns

    As DavyBe has already mentioned there are loads of taxi's just make sure you fix your cost before travelling with the driver and do a little research before you go of what you want to see, and of course enjoy yourself
  6. cruise chef

    Mighty Cruise Ships on TV

    If you can get the back catalogue Davy Be I thinbk they have also featured Crystal Serenity, Hurtigruten Fram, Queen Mary2 & one of the large RCI ships, they were good to watch as featured more unusual locations
  7. cruise chef


    Interesting comments re the venture, will he sell after a few year like he has with other projects? Certainly a market out there for child free as the 3 P&O ships seem to sell well
  8. cruise chef

    Krona or euro

    Echo that RayO! why pay to convert twice as you are bound to lose out, just take Krona as that will always be accepted
  9. cruise chef


    Personally If I were the ships reception I would offer someone like this the noisiest cabin on the ship and when they came back complaining about that I would just say it was your choice not ours' put up & shut up' it might stop them being so rude in future
  10. cruise chef

    Funny Travel Related Video

    Nice one Davy be, at least he would have to pay the excess weight fees at the airport & his bag wouldnt be too big to fit in the overhead lockers
  11. cruise chef

    Try this Weather site.

    Thanks Davybe for this handy hints always good to know what to pack for your travels
  12. cruise chef

    Briksdal Glacier then & now

    SO ON THE LEFT 1971, ON THE RIGHT CURRENT DAY Such a striking difference!
  13. cruise chef

    Azamara Pursuit NEW FOR 2018

    Good point Land Ahoy & dare I say it that maybe most of British guests may not want to pay the higher prices when being used to! Although I would consider it for the extras included
  14. cruise chef

    Cunard in Alaska?

    Just had a quick look at this, not only are Cunard venturing to Alaska for the 1st time in many years but they are also selling combination packages with the Rocky Mountaineer train and looking at this also in Gold Leaf, had I not already had something big planned this looks really appealing
  15. taking into account the size of the ship and how many people onboard the quickest I have experienced would be celebrity constellation in abu dhabi and by the time I had boarded the ship from a relatively short check in queue and found my cabin my luggage arrived at the same time, the cabin was ready and all clean & good to go
  16. cruise chef

    Funny Travel Related Video

    Nice one HTurtle certainly made me smile
  17. cruise chef

    What to wear Christmas Day

    Last time I was on P&O at Christmas the novelty tie went well with the formal suit for the evening (plenty of choice these days). More recently on another line in warmer climtes as you rightly said lots of people were wearing Christmas T-shirts
  18. cruise chef


    If there is a tour to Deshaies its a pretty little place and where some of the scenes for the BBC TV show 'Death in Paradise ' was filmed
  19. It is a personal preference and not compulsary, however having spoke to a memeber of staff on Celebrity they did advise that if passengers remove them it does affect their overall scoring on their customer service for the cruise.
  20. Is it true that the cruise line blocks off a certain amount each day? or would I be better paying with a credit card?
  21. cruise chef

    To go or not to go?

    I cant believe anyone still not wanting to go, it looks like most of the cruise companies have adjusted their schedules to make allowances for not visiting some of the more affected places and these look like good choices. What more would people want 2 weeks sunshine, no pot washing or hoovering, different locations each day or stay at home looking outside your window at the rain lashing down thinking I need to go to the supermarket to get my weekly shop or do I stay in and do my housework. I think that says it all!!!
  22. Not so sure it would be suitable but I suppose as parents if you are used to the logistical challenges on a normal day to day basis it should be fine.
  23. For all those who have commented about wanting to see more of the ship, if you are lucky enough to have the QUEST channel on your TV then keep an eye out for the mighty ships when they feature cruise ships. This usually gives you a better feel for the ship as its is about the ship rather than the celebrity
  24. cruise chef

    Vietnam and Cambodia

    I'll let you know in a few weeks as that's my next venture!!
  25. Now steady on Sammy next thing you will have is a ping on your phone to go to the toilet!!! Like Dancing Queen I much prefer a written menu and a good book with pages, Kindles don't work too well in sunshine. With the watch key a white tanline on my wrist doesn't sound too appealing as I'm sure it wont be a dainty small thing, saying that it has to beat the queues to get onboard when guests cant find the cards in their bag.