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  1. cruise chef

    P&O New Ship name

    Same here PP I know my ended in the letter A !!!!!
  2. cruise chef

    Blood types

    Interesting thought Towny I kind of agree with you that as a child we didnt seem to bother half as much if you playing in the field and fancied an apple or biscuit the last thing you did was find a hand sanitizer before you ate it. So maybe will built up our own antibodies to fight germs. Or is it we lived in a purer environment with nothing modified??
  3. cruise chef

    Celebrate the Royal Wedding at sea

    Like you Davybe, not really interested and I'm at work anyway so just a normal day at least I will be able to escape from it
  4. Better this than to rush it through and not be completed , I think Royal Caribbean did this on one of their ships in the last few years and ended up with numerous complaints
  5. cruise chef

    ventura dixons at sea

    Oh dear Mitch, nothing worse than technology for affecting your blood pressure. Put your feet up & enjoy the sunshine
  6. cruise chef

    The port you would always avoid...

    For me Palermo Sicily, as I was mugged here need I say any more!!
  7. Hi Flinstone, its not normally doubling the cost as a lot of insurers will add this as a bolt on to an existing policy but its designed to make sure you dont end of with massive medical bills should anything happen. I could think of nothing worse than leaving myself without any money for not taking adequate cover out. In a lot of cases we are lucky never to need this but its always peace of mind to know
  8. Not found that ship yet Sammy, looks like I'm going to have to cruise more to find it!!!!!!!
  9. cruise chef

    Cabin Steward's duties

    This might sound a bit silly but maybe with all legislation it could be that they are no longer able to provide this as part of their duties hence why he referred you to room service as it would be dealing with fresh food & cleaning products. just a thought! A bit harsh not to give them a good score if the room was kept clean and tidy!
  10. cruise chef

    Thomson, TUI, Marella Cruises New Name New Product?

    Probably someone has been paid a lot of money for this re-branding without any of us understanding the reason why, it does make you wonder if eventually they will split it to form a separate company away from the normal packaged holidays. I'm like everyone else though I cant see why they changed it as it will only cause confusion. Look what happened years ago when Opal Fruits changed their name it was the death of the advertising catchphrase
  11. cruise chef

    Free Wi-Fi Locations When Cruising

    I always wondered how the news got round OWT as you always see the crew migrate to one particular spot in a town
  12. cruise chef

    cruising good for your health lol !!!!!!!

    Speedy recovery Mitch ready for your next cruise, please to hear you received an A1 service!
  13. Just seen Viking Cruises are continuing ocean and river combined cruises in 2019. I think that’s a great idea and I hadn’t realised they were already an option for this year too. It makes so much sense for them to do this and sort of gives passengers the chance to experience the best of what both types of cruises have to offer. If you’re considering a river cruise, which I am again, but you’re worried it might not be for you, it’s ideal! We can’t be the only ones loving this idea, I expect quite a few people to be interested in this. So I intend to look at the Douro River Cruise with ocean sailing from Lisbon to get the best of both worlds
  14. Having recently been diagnosed with an intolerance to Gluten based products I wondered if fellow members had any views on which are the best cruise companies & airlines to travel with. I have been on Viking recently and found them very helpful but would appreciate anyone's help
  15. cruise chef

    How good does the new Seabourn Ovation look?!

    Yes Waves, very lucky to have tried them for a big birthday, even though it was one of the old style smaller ships very luxurious. Maybe I will be lucky enough again in the future if finances & health allows
  16. Maybe after recent experiences on the well documented Australian cruise its not just the Brits that have this problem, but it probably boils down to cost and they are trying to keep these as low as possible. How much would the operator have to charge to still make money if they went down that route - now that is definitely a big question?
  17. I think CARTOONMAN has really valid points, sometimes people will want to go basic for a cheap holiday to enjoy the sun and may not want trips, all inclusive is only good if you enjoy a drink or speciality coffees etc and may not be worth it for those that dont. The option of adding these on would be good. I am also in agreement that tips being included is the way forward and it would remove some of the arguments and sometimes injustices if the staff received a reward for their service
  18. cruise chef

    Are P&O Cruises at risk of being left behind?

    If it wasnt for the loyal British following they would be struggling to fill 1 ship let alone 7, looking at some of the other brands new ships that are being released they are looking very bland and not moving with the times.
  19. Could be explorer style ships with double hulls to allow them to visit the artic regions -or as harley1 suggests a good marketing stunt
  20. cruise chef

    Plastic No Longer Fantastic!

    Well put 2torts and of course the bottles were glass that you got the money back for returns, The other piece I saw on this was cotton wool buds with the plastic stems however I see one well known brand has started using paper sticks instead, granted more expensive but at least they aren't harmful
  21. cruise chef

    New Ship/Central Atrium

    It can work if the quieter areas are still accessible, It has its advantages of being a focal point and meeting place and also a place for those who have lost their bearings onboard to be able to find where they need to go
  22. True Sinbad, saves him just delivering bills & Amazon parcels
  23. If you done receive something though Jinky would you not miss out on the special offers and be kept in the loop with what happening. Why not ring them and ask to be changed to email only!
  24. cruise chef

    Hawaiin ports

    'RUMOURS' are it could be one group!! Like the sound of your burger BobTroll are you their marketing man?
  25. I suppose its a good thing as it will prompt most to have a clear out of who they want to see and who not, I must admint I, like you receive a lot of cruise mail but dont mind as I'm interested but some of the other things I receive I could well do without. I wonder if the Inland Revenue will class as junk or spam?