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  1. cruise chef

    Promenade deck on P&O's Britannia

    Looks like Iona will have a Prom deck you can walk around
  2. cruise chef

    Iona's new style cabins

    So P&O are trying something a little different. Conservatory Mini Suites. Described as a place to chill out which will be cool and shaded which can be left open or closed off depending on the time of day or how you are feeling. Do fellow forum members think this will be a hit as opposed to the traditional balcony cabin?
  3. cruise chef

    Drunk's on Planes.

    Yes on a flight to Portugal with a large Hen Party, have to admit it was quite funny as we also were on the same flight home with them, very quiet on the way home!!!
  4. cruise chef

    Extension leads

    Maybe Davybe that the poor sole putting 50p's in the meter cant keep pace with people charging their scooters together with all the multiple devices we all take these days
  5. cruise chef

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    Maybe the saving will come from 1 less receptionist as they wont have queues for all the people wanting to remove them
  6. cruise chef

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    Well we've all harped on enough on the forum about Tipping. Finally a cruise line has taken the bull by the horns and stopped them. Yes they've probably incorporated into the fare but good on them, safe to say though it still doesn't stop anyone giving staff a little extra if they exceed your expectations For once well done P&O. (I wonder if others will now follow suit)
  7. cruise chef

    Ripped off in Venice.

    It's always the same, major sporting events or festivals as they know you are a captive market and they have to recoup the high costs of having a pitch it's always the poor customer(literally) that comes home with an empty wallet. There are definitely some tourist traps that fit into this Venice as mentioned. Raffles bar in Singapore is another.
  8. cruise chef

    P&O Summer 2020 and IONA!

    I kind of share your views AFCAndrew, these places with smaller ships do seem crowded with the arrival of 3000+ people, so the thoughts of 5000+ could be too much. Or are P&O expecting a lot of their passengers to stay onboard and use the numerous facilities being mentioned about on IONA
  9. cruise chef

    Was BoJo Right

    It is a case again of not being able to say anything about anyone. Boris has his own views which he has voiced, others may think the same but either keep it to themselves or only say it to friends in the confines of their own homes. Donald Trump seems to be able to get away with it!!! Lets be all honest and put it in perspective it seems OK for some but not for others, I don't see that someone standing in the street with a megaphone forcing their beliefs on the passers by seems to be stopped.
  10. cruise chef

    Southampton Car Parking - confused?

    I used AB parking for my last trip and the car park was conveniently located adjacent to the terminal and luggage didnt have to be moved to far from the car to the terminal, as always we are spoilt sometimes with the drop off service of CPS but this works just as well as at least you park your on vehicle
  11. cruise chef

    Aurora refit

    i love the political correctness, never did I see a comedian called 'Cucumber Emery'
  12. cruise chef

    Aurora refit

    Ooh Captain Kidd as cucumber Emery would have said 'you are awful' Although the likelihood is that your probably right, and no doubt after the last 2 times they will sell the ship when they already have a large amount of people already booked on it!!!!
  13. cruise chef

    What will the outcome be in Venice?

    I like the picture Trent Ann, if you go at dusk you would probably be able to get a shot with no people in it, I have several from my recent visIt on the days when no ships were in port, but as others have said if you embrace the tourism pitfalls come at a price, I can agree that there should be a limitation to the number of ships in both places but cant see all the competing cruise lines agreeing to it. It might end up being the usual MONEY TALKS!!
  14. cruise chef

    P&O Cruises Oriana leaving the fleet

    I'd just like to spare a thought for P&O staff and all the poor travel agents out there who again have helped P&O book customers on the ship until 2020. For the 2nd time in a couple of years it probably feels like they have worked hard to fill the ship to then have to ring customers to give them the bad news. I know from a friend it's pretty sole destroying to put all that work in to book and then be told its not sailing. So for us the customer whilst it means we don't have a holiday (and at least we could book something else) at least it isnt affecting our pay or day to day living!
  15. cruise chef

    Bid for an Upgrade?

    Sound advice OWT, sometimes its easier to upgrade onboard then at least you can assess if the upgrade is worth it or not. Exactly the same as taking a guarantee cabin then there is no point in moaning when the cabin you are allocated is not your preferred choice as a customer you have chosen to take the lower fare in the first place
  16. cruise chef

    Security at Southampton

    Having worked Airside at airports all contractors are subject to the same security as passengers so maybe the ports need to adopt the same policy. I regularly used to have all my work tools and equipment scanned & checked.
  17. cruise chef

    where will Virgin cruises fit into the market?

    They will probably dip their toes with the adult market & if things go well then maybe a further ship to appeal to families, they really are a company that never sticks to one idea and constantly change so it will be interesting. After my recent Virgin atlantic flight if the cruises are as good then i would certainly consider giving them a try. I also wonder if they will sell through agents are try to keep this as a direct sell through their own outlets
  18. cruise chef

    Atul Kocchar - Sacked??

    HA Ha, Love that one Davybe, its probably more likely to still be for the ladies trying to avoid the queue when the gents doesnt have one!!!!!!
  19. cruise chef

    Atul Kocchar - Sacked??

    Misguided tweet?? all the more reason why some companies employ staff to check all social media post before going out with them, if you put anything in writing or verbally these days be prepared for the backlash, we are not allowed our own opinions any more!!!!!
  20. Looking at the companies, ships & destinations already tried in the first two series where will they send her next?
  21. I always thought Vinotherapy was a table close to the bar and a regular waiter on hand
  22. cruise chef

    P&O New Ship name

    I think we had a recent thread with people offering suggestions as to what the new name would be. From my limited use on social media it seems like the long awaited announcement will be later this week. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what they think the favourite or front runners are?
  23. cruise chef

    P&O Cruises Announce Iona Will Be The Name Of Their New Ship for 2020

    Seems a big shift from the older fleet names and I wonder if this will lead to other new vessels being given other Scottish Island names, or if it was an idea to create a major talking point with something very different. At least they didnt re-hash one of the previous ship names so full marks to them for that
  24. If I had no ties then I think I would love it, but I'm afraid I couldnt be away from family & dog for that long
  25. I think some people just seem to think it is an unnecessary expense and dont contemplate the implications of not having adequate cover, until they get caught out and it costs them more than the holiday. I would never travel without it and as I have a medical condition I make sure I'm covered. I really struggle to sympathize with people who dont take the correct cover as most of the time its their own error with either penny pinching or not reading what they are covered for.