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  1. I’m on the Celebrity taster weekend in May to Paris. I wondered if you knew what the trains from Le Havre into Paris were like and whether you reckon it’s worth going in for 5-6 hours? Or would my time be better spent in Le Havre or on ship?
  2. Just seen a press release to say the brand new ship will be in Europe in 2019 sailing from the UK TO ROME in May, I'm sure this will be a popular sailing as the ship looks amazing
  3. cruise chef

    New Years Travel Resolutions

    It must be coming round now to everyone making their plans for 2018 and beyond, so where do travel plans fit into members plans and where do you intend to go?
  4. cruise chef

    50 years on the QE2

    Just seen this article on BBC news website, such a shame that such an iconic ship isnt being used to its full potential in Dubai http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-41282633
  5. Just had a text to say that Azamara Pursuit has gone on sale, once it comes out from its refit from being the former ADONIA it will heading to Europe and even making an appearance in Southampton, fares are probably more expensive than P&O but as the ship will have a more inclusive experience this is hardly surprising. I would think it's worth a look for any former Adonia passengers who were looking for high standards without having to worry about the purse strings on top of the cruise fare. The journey that has really caught my eye is Christmas & New Year in South America - I'll just have to convince my better half its a great way to enjoy a break from the cold!
  6. cruise chef


    Too organised 2TORTS!! although it does allow morem time for the Christmas tipple. Hope the arm isnt too sore from the jab
  7. cruise chef

    What a win

    Oh the love of ship internet (not). We were trying to watch the final but with 2 balls to go the ship lost signal. Loving the comments re Taufel though and it reminded me of a shirt that a crowd member was wearing at Trent Bridge recently in the World Cup which as you will read below was priceless Australian Rules of Cricket Bat YES Ball Yes Sandpaper YES Dignity xxxxxxx
  8. cruise chef

    Britannia Fight Night?

    Sounds like a journalist was on the cruise, LOOKING FOR A STORY me thinks!!
  9. cruise chef

    Havana US ban

    Good old Donald strikes again. Just as all tourists look forward to finally seeing Cuba he pulls the rug from under them forcing all the cruise lines to dramatically change their cruises, such a shame as I'm sure the poorer people in Cuba would have welcomed the influx of cash from cruise guests. Will it be Mexico next?
  10. cruise chef

    Trying it on??

    Thanks for the reply 'Dozydo' and not meant to be a Belittler as you put it but simply if you have a cabin that has what you asked for why risk changing. Bit if you do then it goes without saying!
  11. cruise chef

    Azura Better than expected.

    Pleasing to hear Davybe as I was trying to work out which would be the preference
  12. cruise chef

    Trying it on??

    This always makes me laugh when I have listened to people on ship, when they were in an obstructed view cabin and upgraded to a clear view and they were moaning it was a downgrade because it was lower down in the ship? What part of unobstructed to clear isnt better? Its just down to the NAoC'S on ship (for those who dont know what this means 'National AssocIation of Complainers' who have nothing better than moan, they are supposed to be on holiday enjoying themselves).
  13. Must admit it has never been a product I have looked at before, but I have recently delved into a new brochure/leaflet on their new ship Spirit of Discovery and it looks really impressive. On reading I can pre-register my interest for a new voyage for a small fee of £90 which will entitle me to a price reduction on the voyage, the good news is if I decide not to it looks like I would still get my registration fee back so win, win.
  14. cruise chef

    P & O going down hill

    All the lifts not reaching all of the decks is nothing new, Oceana only has access to the lower decks from the mid & fwd lifts otherwise you would probably be asked to wash the pots in the galley on the rear lifts. Clearly if there is a lack of food they are trying to be considerate of peoples expanding waistlines after we only need 3 square meals not 5
  15. cruise chef

    Following the Dress Code.

    As the age old saying goes 'never judge a book by its cover'. I know an elderly gentleman who lives near me and his dress sense is for want of a better word unkempt, however you will never meet such a nice, kind & polite man anywhere so I am with you on this
  16. cruise chef

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    It seems that the bubble for UK cruise passengers hasn't burst yet as we see further announcements for new ships for Oceania, Regent & Virgin Voyages who will start bookings soon. Although I'm not sure our little island will be able to cope to supply the demand the cruise lines expect
  17. cruise chef

    Amsterdam Tourist tax?

    Seems to be the way of the world, at least its not the really high resort fees that some American cities charge, I am also with afc andrew on the cynical side I am sure the cruise lines will sell overpriced excursions into Amsterdam
  18. cruise chef

    "The Cruise" is Back?

    As I fancy going to Australia I may have to watch this one with muted sound!
  19. cruise chef


    Sprout flavoured tea, that's definitely one to avoid
  20. cruise chef


    Must be getting close to the time you put the sprouts on to boil, the dog steals the Turkey and everyone has free licence to over do the eating and drinking Merry Christmas to all. Lets see what 2019 will bring
  21. cruise chef

    Pensioners smuggled Drugs?

    I had seen a similar article a couple of weeks ago about staff being arrested in Miami onboard MSC Seaside but hadnt seen this until someone mentioned it today
  22. cruise chef

    Fake reviews ?

    I suppose the simple answer is try it for yourself and make your own views, at least it removes the need for reviews in the 1st place
  23. cruise chef

    Fake reviews ?

    I sometimes post reviews on Trip Advisor usually if the product has been good so that other people can get better recommendations to try flights, food or experiences, I agree that some people post when you can clearly tell they have never even set foot inside the premises but this is own to the reviews site to remove these people from their records. Some of the restaurant responses to dodgy reviews though are priceless
  24. cruise chef

    Is it me?

    My old Maths teacher said calculators giver you brain rot!!! Possibly a good example!